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Kat Wilson
Kat Wilson

Kat Wilson’s unique and beguiling voice is entirely her own, no comparisons will prepare you for her sound. Combine that with songs that effortlessly fuse pop with coastal blues and just a dash of folk, along with the ability to shred on her guitar with the best of them and you may come close to understanding what Kat Wilson was put on Earth to do. I wanted to learn more about this passionate performer and the best way to do that is by interviewing her, right?

The other day I played a gig at Mojos and I heard people singing along to a new song of mine. That brought me joy. Happiness is success in my eyes.

Kat Wilson

What is going on in the world of Kat Wilson? 

“I’m getting married in about six weeks so that’s taking a lot of my mind space. We have a lot of close friends travelling to be here for it so our excitement levels are well above average heading into the celebrations. Can’t wait to marry my favourite human.”

That’s incredibly sweet, It’s hard to find that favourite human and I’m glad she has. I moved the conversation over to her influences as she blends a few different genres with her music.

“As a child my Dad introduced me to the legend Mark Knopfler and I loved those killer grooves. At the time I didn’t play guitar so we just spent a lot of time together running around playing air guitar in the house. When I hit my teens and started writing I had huge inspiration from listening to Josh Pyke. A mate in year 9 introduced me to his music and I become obsessed. His 2008 Chimney’s Afire album is still a favourite for me.”

I wanted to know if any events that took place in Kat’s life that lead her to this passion she has for music. That spike in ones gut to succeed usually stems from something in many musicians.

“I reckon I was about 11 when a travelling musician came to church to sing. As a young girl to see a strong woman perform and own a stage lit fire in me. I remember everything about that morning. She wore checked vans with a checked jacket and a white tee and as a young kid I thought for the first time about becoming a singer.”

You’re a performer and songwriter that is on the cusp of breaking through to the next echelon in the industry, has it been difficult sifting your way through a difficult business like the music business? 

“There has been a lot of struggle in the past with feel insecure and being rejected from the big cats but the last few years for me have been all about redefining what success is. Breaking through to the next level is cool but what does that even mean? True success and happiness is honestly playing live and writing songs. The more I let go of trying to step up in the music industry and be a certain shape the more peace I have. The other day I played a gig at Mojos and I heard people singing along to a new song of mine. That brought me joy. Happiness is success in my eyes.”

She has released her new single ‘Red Hill’ recently, so I asked Kat to tell me a little bit about the song.

“The new single Red Hill is all about meeting Hayden (fiancé) and falling in love through the everyday life I have with him. My new music has a salty flavor and I can’t wait to release it. People can expect a venerable version in my music. There’s one track called ‘Never Knew Me’ about a life changing experience I had a year ago. The song is brutally honest and it has become the healing from that experience. There’s also a whole bunch of pre marriage love vibes in the EP too so be prepared for reckless honestly.”

Want to check out where you can see Kat Wilson next? 

“To finish the year off I’m taking my band to a few festivals and then we’re recording new music down south in December. 

See us at Margaret River Guitar Festival and York festival in October then Bridgetown Blues Festival in November.”

She’s going places! I finished off the interview with a few quick fire questions.

What music is Kat currently listening to? 

“This week I’m obsessed with Aphrodite by TRESOR & Beatenberg. It has rhythms that are so tasty.”

If she could achieve one thing in the next five years what would it be?

“I’d love to some long term travel to a few different refugee camps internationally, sit with people and volunteer my time in any way possible and then tell their stories. Music is the only language spoken in every country and this dream keeps me up at night so it’s one I’ve been talking to the manager about lots as we pull plans together. “

If she could change one thing about the music business what would it be? 

“I would make the music industry realise the power it has to bring change. Good change. Humanitarian change. The majority of the industry I belong too is obsessed with self. Imagine if we were obsessed with others.”

If she reached Heaven and God met her at the Pearly Gates, what would be the first thing she said to him/her?

“Everything’s true! and can I please speak to animals now?”

Honestly that has to be the best answer to that question I have ever heard. Kat has a heart of gold, she’s passionate about music, about love, about her art and her gift of performing. Her new EP comes out next month. Here’s the gorgeous lead single, ‘Red Hill’.

Many thanks to Kat for the chat and best of luck to her for your wedding to your one and only!

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