The Tommyhawks


One of Perth’s hardest-working bands, The Tommyhawks, have released a new single, Summertime. In spite of its title, the living ain’t necessarily easy…

Summertime is about coming out the other side of depression, or being in a bad place,” explains vocalist/guitarist Addison Axe. “I've struggled with my own mental health over the last year and the whole upcoming EP explores that journey through self 're' discovery.”

Summertime is the first taste of The Tommyhawks of that new EP, This Is Not A Desert Island, set for release next month. This will be backed up with a national tour which is good news as The Tommyhawks are clearly all-systems-go when they hit the road.

“Yeah, we really thrive on the road,” Axe affirms, “and the way we tour - all living in a van - is hard and challenging at times… like first thing in the morning in the CBD after a big night and we all need a wee. But every time something goes wrong it just brings us closer together.

“Everyone in The Tommyhawks has an intensely durable sense of humour so there's a lot of laughter even when things get tough!”

This is Not a Desert Island is The Tommyhawks’ third EP and Axe says the band all feel ready to make their first full-length album. The start of 2018 will see them back in the studio.

 “We've started writing it and I'm really excited about the new material,” Axe says. “The songs are extremely personal but working with my best friends makes that terrifying, soul-exposing process manageable and cathartic.”

The Tommyhawks launch Summertime at The Odd Fellow on Saturday, August 19, with help from Spring Peaks and Moana (solo). Full details -