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Noah Dillon
Noah Dillon

Perth darling Noah Dillon and his four piece alt-rock band have already had a thrilling 2019, being nominated for WAM Song of the Year award in the Pop category for single ‘You Did It To Yourself’, garnering triple j airplay and rave reviews for new single ‘Don’t Act Like You Know Me’, and now they’re elated to announce their debut EP Everything Melts.

Around The Sound spoke to Dillon on his birthday, so we felt obliged to ask how his day was going.  “I started at 7.00 am doing a thing on RTR (prominent local community radio station, champion of all that is good about local original music),” he told us, “then I had breakfast with my family.  I feel like I’ve been up for hours!”  Denizens of the night most musos may be, they’ll still risk appearing in daylight hours for a bit of publicity and a slap-up meal with Mum and Dad!

Dillon and his band have just completed tour dates across Australia and in Singapore, including showcases at Brisbane’s Bigsound Festival, the premier Australian music industry showcase.  Speaking about his experiences at Bigsound, Dillon said, “We’re in the market for booking agents and publishers and starting conversations with labels and international connections.  There was a lot of interest.  I think the connections we made are going to be quite long lasting.”  There’s a lot of mileage in Noah Dillon and his band.  His brand of folky pop is on point right now and it doesn’t hurt that he’s such a lovely bloke who knows how to bring the goods on stage.

Asked about being a ‘Perth darling’, he said, “I think that’s very nice.  The music is starting to get a really nice reception from people and we’re building the fan base of people who are into it, which is really nice.  Previously, we’ve just been focused on getting the music right where we want it and really into our writing, that we haven’t really been focusing on that.  I think by doing that, it’s kind of happened a bit more, which is really nice.”

Lead single from Everything Melts, ‘Don’t Act Like You Know Me’, is about relationship breakdowns, miscommunication and uninformed judgement.  “The song stems from the feeling that you don’t know someone you were once close to,” said Dillon. “During the writing period, I felt as if I couldn’t escape communicating on a relatively superficial level with people around me and couldn’t always portray the person I wanted to be. No one really knows what the people around them are going through and the superficial nature of interactions can make it hard to grasp who people really are and how they’ve changed”.

So, nice bloke, but don’t mistake that for Dillon being a lightweight.  There’s intellect and insight behind the beguiling personality and the music that complements it. 


“I’m also very lucky, because I write all the music” Dillon told Around The Sound, “but I’m eternally grateful for the band I have at the moment.  They’re my best friends of all time.  That’s been pretty surreal for me, because it’s been such a safe platform for me to try new music.  I think now we’ve really found our sound.  The songs are from be, but without them behind me, finding the full sound would be really hard.

“I direct them but, at the end of the day, there’s only so much direction you can give.  When it’s other people playing the instruments, they’ve got to put their own creative touch on it.”

So, what’s the plan for the future, we just had to ask, as, in our assessment, Dillon is an artist on the cusp of great things.  “The plan for 2020 is just to keep writing,” Dillon told us.  “I write every day so we’ve just got so much material.  I want to build a fanbase that’s hanging out for new releases and we can provide a product that’s frequent and is current to my life and we all feel the same emotion playing it, because it’s relevant to our lives.

“The main goal for next year would be getting on a big national tour with a band bigger than us.  The dream would be to start getting some festivals and some big supports, stuff like that.  And, America has been my dream since I was a kid …”

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