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Odin Malchik

Odin Malchik (‘One Boy’ in the Nasdaq language used in A Clockwork Orange) is the brainchild of Ryan Johnson. 

Arriving on our scene less than a year ago, Johnson has managed to release one EP plus a debut album, Forgiveness And War, dropping on March 1.

Although supported by a live band onstage, everything from the writing and playing to the production is all down to this ‘One Boy’.

“Mostly it’s more efficient,” Johnson says. “I don’t need to get five people in the room together and run everything by the band; if I’m feeling something, I can just go for it. It’s also forced me to get better at other instruments such as drums, bass and keys, which is great.”

It seems very little happens by accident for Johnson. Every move is carefully considered and curated and the album is no exception.  Each song on Forgiveness And War contributes to a theme.

“I already had a handful of songs ready to go when I decided to make the album. They were mostly based around my interactions with people over the last few years and so I used that as a writing focus for the rest of it. When I finished the album, I realised that I mostly examined the extreme natures of these relationships such as love and hate. So Forgiveness And War became a title that could sum up the theme.”


So what’ it sound like?

“I think it’s a hybrid of modern Australian indie rock and ‘90s-era Brit pop with some ‘60s influence,” Johnson says. “The Beatles are very important to me, particularly their songwriting. When making the album I took a lot of influence from bands such as the Stone Roses, Tame Impala, The Smiths, Arctic Monkeys, DMA’s and countless others.”

Odin Malchik launches Forgiveness And War at the Indian Ocean Hotel on March 30 with support from J.F.K, Airline Food and ELWYN.

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