Perth lofi progressive-synth outfit, Gazey, release new single ‘Sleep’ today.  It’s the first cut from their forthcoming debut album due to be released on Group Therapy Records sometime in 2019.

Claiming sonic territory that spans LCD Soundsystem via Prince and a DIY production that gives the track an urgent, ultra-modern punk feel, ‘Sleep’ is an intriguing and accomplished indication of Gazey’s direction.

Gazey guitarist, Ryan Thomas said of the track, “It’s is all about anxiety and the understated human trait of obsessive-compulsive behaviour. Keeping the drums and bass very static with the rest of the form tip-toeing around this central pulse provides an aural play on the necessity to stop and take a rest pitted against the insatiable will to just keep going."

There are some electronic accents on the track that also channel none other than Kraftwerk.  That’s what we think here at Around The Sound, anyway, and we also think that’s pretty good company to be keeping.

We’re putting Gazey on our 2019 watchlist and we think you should, too.

Have a listen to the new single and tell us we’re wrong.  We dare you!


Gazey launch ‘Sleep’ at The Bird on William Street on March 7 where they’ll be joined by Lana Rothnie and band, Physical Release, Delivery Buoy and Web Rumors DJs.

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