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Chaos Divine
Chaos Divine

Their fans and listeners have been led on an adventure of uncompromising arrangements, crushing heavy riffs and soaring melodies for 14 years now. They’re Perth’s enigmatic prog metal five-piece Chaos Divine, a band that has well and truly immersed themselves in a realm of sound and style matched by few, admired by many.

They’ve been quiet the last few years since the release of their last effort, Colliding Skies in 2015, so Around The Sound had a little chat with the Guitarist, Ryan Felton about what’s been going on and what has kept them so busy since 2015.

“Essentially we have spent a long time writing and recording. We are getting older so things take longer than they used to these days. We tend to get a bit pedantic with the writing process and we write as a group, so it does take time. We also spent quite a while touring and playing shows in support of our last album which included a tour of Europe.”

Chaos Divine have just released new single, ‘Unspoken’.  “Lyrically the song covers some fairly personal themes around isolation, emptiness and loss. ‘Unspoken’ was one of the first tracks we wrote from our forthcoming album and we have been playing it at live shows. It’s had a fantastic reception which has been a little overwhelming, and we are pretty stoked about that because we feel the song represents the new album stylistically.”

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