Rose Tattoo and The Hard-Ons hit the road for the Still Never Too Loud 2019 Australian Tour, bringing the mayhem to Fremantle’s Rock Rover on 13 April.  Around The Sound traded emails with Hard-Ons’ Bass Player, Ray Ahn.  Here’s what ensued.

ATS:  The Hard-Ons are about to kick of a national tour with Rose Tattoo.  Is it a double headliner, or will the bands duke it out backstage each night to see who goes on first?
RA: Rose Tattoo have offered an alternating arrangement but the Hard-ons will not hear of anything other than Rose Tattoo rightfully playing last every night.

ATS:  What can audiences expect from the Hard-Ons this time around?  Do you have any surprises up your collective sleeves?
RA:  We will play a mixture of old and new but we will play a few songs from our upcoming album “SO THAT I COULD HAVE THEM DESTROYED”

ATS:  In these troubled times the punk ethos seems as relevant now as ever.  What's changed and what's stayed the same from your perspective over the years, both musically and politically?

ATS:  What advice would you give to any school kids starting a band in 2019?
RA:  Do not listen to anyone, especially people like the Hard-ons.

ATS:  You're booked to play Rock Rover, which is part of Fremantle Oval, a venue that has a great musical and footy heritage.  Got any hot tips for season 2019 in footy and/or music?
RA:  I do not follow AFL at all, I follow NRL. Hot musical tips: your ear drums will be damaged due to sheer rampaging volume at the Rose Tattoo/Hard-ons gig at ROCK ROVER

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