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Odin Malchik - Drop Me Now

For those unfamiliar with the Nasdat language used in ‘A Clockwork Orange’, Odin Malchik translates to ‘One Boy’. It’s also the alias of Ryan Johnson, who performs with his live band under that stage name. Combining a throwback to brit-pop inspired musicality with elements of modern Australian indie rock, Odin Malchik have a unique and exciting sound, centered around catchy hooks.

I feel a lot more comfortable behind the name Odin Malchik,” states Johnson. “I will say that. It gives me a bit more confidence and it feels like it’s a lot more legitimate. But when we play live, the band all sits under the name, Odin Malchik, together.

With an EP already launched back in May, a new Odin Malchik single, Drop Me Now, has just been released. It’s a taste of his forthcoming debut album but, interestingly – and somewhat appropriately given its title – almost didn’t make the final cut.

I almost threw this one away,” Johnson says. “I wanted to do a slower one; this begins acoustically and builds up at the end. It then starts off with a first vocal and I couldn’t transition from that into anything that didn’t make me cringe. It took a few months of just sitting there and eventually I figured out a different melody and it all came together with the rest of the instruments at the end.

It’s kind of a break-up song,” he continues. “The whole album flows through different states and this is a darker one, but I’ve tried to keep the music a bit uplifting, with some strings, to keep it out of the graveyard, so to speak. It’s now one of my favourites of the album, actually.

‘Drop Me Now’ is the fourth single from the debut Odin Malchik album ‘Forgiveness and War’, which will be released in March 2019.



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