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Shelley Segal Our Resistance

Much-loved Australian singer-songwriter Shelley Segal has today announced a very special track and accompanying video Our Resistance, in honour of International Women’s Day.  This exceptional song was written by Shelley after she attended a conference run by the UK charity One Law For All, which included many presentations from brave advocates for equal rights.

“Now is the hour for the woman’s voice/around the world, for a woman’s choice./We will not rest until we all are free/in our right to live with autonomy,” is the powerful, goosebump-inducing opening line of Our Resistance.  What better way to sum up the fight for equal rights, and the current climate of deep change that is taking place all across the world.  Our Resistance is a battle cry, in every sense of the phrase; despite its gentle exterior as an Americana/country folk track, Shelley’s strong, determined lyrics shine like a beacon, calling out to women across the world: “This is Our Resistance.”  Shelley reveals the inspiration behind the song, Last November I was invited to an international civil and human rights conference on secularism, segregation and sharia law by activist organisation One Law For All. I was meant to be closing the conference with a song which I had prepared, but after hearing all of the speakers that day – mostly female activists from all over the world – I was feeling incredibly inspired and wrote a song during the conference which was based around the sentiments I felt from all the speakers.  That song was Our Resistance and it was an amazing feeling to get up on stage and sing the activists’ empowering words back to them that very day.”

The clip is similarly affecting, as a group of women of all ages and backgrounds stand together in a beautiful Australian bush landscape.  The camera slowly moves amongst this intriguing group of women, as they walk together through the wilderness.  While the entire clip overflows with strength and resolve, perhaps the most impactful moment is the shot of the smallest member of the group, a toddler, runs joyously along the dirt path, too young to understand the gravity of being a woman in this world.

Shelley has been extremely busy taking the world by storm, with a move to the USA a couple of years ago truly cementing her as an international success.  In 2018 alone she had an official showcase with Sounds Australia at the Folk Alliance International Conference in Kansas City, collaborated with many artists including Chinese pop writers for releases in China and Korea and upcoming Estonian pop star ELYSA and wrote a song that will be included in an upcoming musical.  2019 is gearing up to be even bigger for Shelley, who is currently on a 23-date tour of the US including Radney Foster at Hotel Café and the much-anticipated release of her new EP Holy still on the horizon.

Our Resistance is out now.


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