Rocket Ship Chaser


It was October 2017, the Perth music scene started to quake, as if something crazy was about to land, then suddenly a rocket ship landed, Rocket Ship Chaser to be exact.

Rocket Ship Chaser is all about trying to bring to light those dark parts of a young adult social life while having a bit of fun on the way. They have an indie/pop/rock like vibe and they are making waves in the Perth music scene.

Brennan Smith, the brains behind the Rocket Ship Chaser project made the band after constantly having lyrics, riffs and parts of songs buzzing in his head. It’s basically an outlet for all his musical dreams.

Rocket Ship Chaser are releasing their latest EP on 29 of March at Lucy’s Love Shack in the CBD. The EP is about social conformity, clubbing culture, breakups, regrets, individuality and mental health, all which Smith has experienced and hopes that the young audience can relate to.

“We've got such a great lineup planned with Scarlet Drive, Tether and King Proteus supporting, new songs in store, merch giveaways and just generally a lit time.”

If you can’t make it along to their EP launch be sure to check out their final gig before Smith jets off to Melbourne.  Rocket Ship Chaser take over the downstairs bar at Ronnie Nights in Freo on 5 April.

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