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Pat Powell

Pat Powell or Patou as he is sometimes known, has been gracing stages and mesmerising audiences with his dulcet tones and charismatic aura for four decades.

As a young Jamaican man living in Bristol in the ‘60s and ‘70s, Powell’s musical influences were fuelled by the R&B clubs and the Jamaican tunes played by his parents. From ska to blues, hip hop to reggae, Powell’s musical versatility has been crafted over many years touring the world with some of the greats such as James Brown, Queen, Eurythmics, Crowded House and George Benson.

Such is the calibre of his voice, Powell toured extensively throughout Asia, Australia and Europe as backing singer for our own Kylie Minogue. His immense wealth of musical experience has culminated in his debut solo album, About Time, available on most digital streaming/download platforms and CD.

“It feels like everything I’ve ever performed, everyone I’ve ever worked with, mentored, looked up to, challenged and been blown away by has played a part,” Powell says of his first solo LP.  “It’s all important. It all feeds in. It’s all culminated to this time and presentation, I’m ready to give all of it – in the studio, on stage and with a bit of luck on air.”

Pat Powell performs at Four5Nine Bar on February 22 supported by Tim Stokes and DJ Kilmarnock Steve, then at the Perth Blues Club (Charles Hotel) on February 26.


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