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Petit Biscuit Parachute Album Review Album Release date: 30 October, 2020

Review by Cissi Tsang

Using the term “prodigy” and “wunderkind” to describe an artist can be cringy sometimes, but there are times when these terms are accurate. One such artist where these monikers are apt descriptors is Petit Biscuit. Biscuit first burst onto the scene in 2015 with the single Sunset Lover, at the tender age of 15. It was a stunning and glorious introduction that bridged electronica with classically-inspired instrumentation, and featured a maturity and complexity in sound that belied his youth.

After a worldwide tour and hiatus, Petit Biscuit is back with his second album, Parachute.

Ahead of the full launch of the album, Petit Biscuit has already dropped the lead single, Drivin’ Thru The Night, which is a good overall barometer for the album as a whole. The biggest change is Biscuit taking on lead vocals, with his baritone matching the gently melancholic vibe of the lyrics. There is a quiet yearning in the song, with Biscuit musing, “So how do you feel tonight? // I’m searching for something that makes me feel alive”.

Elsewhere, that gentle musing about life finds itself in other tracks, such as Constellation, which features a soaring guitar hook amidst expansive synths and staccato drum machine fills. For those who were first enraptured by Petit Biscuit’s mix of atmospheric instrumentals with splashes of ethereal female vocals, never fear – Biscuit hasn’t completely moved away from his roots. Gwana features his trademark technique of splicing syllables and sounds to create an entrancing vocal lead.

Parachute is an album that highlights Petit Biscuit’s continual growth as an artist. There is an added confidence and depth to the production, and a surety of touch from someone who knows exactly what sort of sound and narrative he is wanting to portray. Petit Biscuit is fearlessly independent and is unafraid of pushing the boundaries. As he sings in Drivin’ Thru The Night,  “Freedom has no price // Freedom makes life worth living”.