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23 February

Photos & Review by Nicola Arnold

As we all settled into our set at the historic Astor Theatre in the heart of Perth, the anticipation was growing…everyone seemed to be buzzing with energy as we waiting for the first of four acts to begin. 

First up was Nucleust who had a very confident look on stage, the lead singer wearing nothing but hot pink trousers and performing what looked like a well-rehearsed act. Vocally the band were spot on and the talented instrumentalists complimented their vocalist perfectly. Kicking off the night very nicely indeed.

Second to perform was Melbourne hailing metalcore band, Alpha Wolf. These young guns certainly brought the heat with their energetic performance. Some fans were here purely to see them, wearing the guitarists signature facemask and AlphaWolf merchandise! In my opinion, these boys stole the stage, as much as Polaris were the main act, Alpha Wolf was the real main attraction.

Third support was American metalcore icons, Wage War – an unfortunate turn with their staging background getting cut short, resulting in it looking like it said “Vag Waf” but none the less, they put on one hell of a show! Lead singer Briton Bond jumped from one side of the stage to the other and never seemed to stay still! Photographing this man was a task indeed! Their set was flawless and fans were over the moon by the sheer amount of effort the band put in to give their fans the best show possible.

Last but certainly not least we had the main act. A twenty-minute wait for the stage changeover meant that the band had full access to the large stage, side lighting was brought in, the supports small drum stage was removed and the top drum stage was pushed forward. The band’s new album “The Death of Me” was the face of their backdrop and the lights were dim creating this really cool effect that looked like there was a floating man above the stage! 

Then the lights went dark.

As the crowd pushed forward the atmosphere became tense and everyone was jam-packed like a sardine tin, doubling as a photographer as well as a reviewer, I squeezed through the crowd to the photo pit where I was greeted by Polaris’s lead singer Jamie Hails walking on stage. In quite a subdued entrance, hands behind his back, he started off the song “Pray for Rain” surrounded in a deep blue light. Hails was then joined on stage by the rest of the band members and the set properly began. Lights washing the room in bright red & white strobes bringing the band into their second song for the night “Landmine”. The band played both their old-school Polaris tracks as well as the new album’s songs giving the set some diversity with their older tracks having a heavier feel; harsh vocals, heavy guitars and drum beats vs their softer sounds in the new album – almost like watching their growth as a band morph on stage!

Polaris certainly didn’t disappoint their fans putting on a spectacular performance with all their dramatic flares! The use of lighting in the show really pushed the visual aspect to the next level whilst the songs spoke for themselves. After the main set & a short break, the band ended the show with a two-song encore featuring “Masochist” and “Lucid”. Talk about ending a show with a bang!

I don’t believe a single fan went home disappointed that night – what a performance it was!

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