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Porter Robinson

Last weekend over 4 million fans tuned in to partake in Porter Robinson’s Secret Sky streaming festival which was trending at #2 on Twitter when it kicked off at 2pm EST in the US.

The momentum never let up as it continued trending throughout the entire day. It was the #1 stream on YouTube and the top featured stream on the Twitch homepage. It was also featured on the Playstation 4 home screen via the Littlstar app.
Secret Sky kicked off with a set from festival mascot DJ Potaro, who played a Porter Robinson 2010-style electro-house set. 100K plus fans were there to watch the festival-opener perform.
Porter took the Secret Sky stage later in the evening for an emotional set that toggled between euphoria and blistering intensity. He performed some of his classics alongside tracks from his upcoming album, Nurture. This was the first time Porter performed this year, or since the Nurture campaign began.

The 250K people who tuned in to watch him were treated to Nurture’s ‘Something Comforting‘ and ‘Get Your Wish.’  But the highlight for most was the moment Porter shared his hopeful, unreleased new song “Look At The Sky”, which quickly became a trending topic on Twitter.

During the song, the YouTube chat peaked at an impressive 8,813 chat messages per second (with “slow mode” on).


Porter also created a stir with a stellar Avril Lavigne mashup. Idolator said,

The producer artfully combined 2002’s ‘I’m With You’ with his own 2012 hit, ‘Language,’ creating a club monster. This mashup works on so many levels. Not only do the songs blend seamlessly into each other, they also balance each other out. The wide-eyed wonder of ‘Language’ takes the edge of Avril’s decidedly emo lyrics, suggesting there’s light at the end of the never-ending tunnel that is 2020.”

Porter Robinson Set

The internet went crazy when Porter dropped the Bay Area rapper Lil B’s “Porter Robinson Based Freestyle” into his set. As it played, the camera caught Porter mouthing Lil B’s words leaving many to wonder if it was a sign that the two are collaborating. Porter took to Twitter to explain that Lil B sent him the freestyle as a Christmas gift, something arranged by Porter’s girlfriend. Full story here

Porter created Secret Sky as a way to introduce his vast audience to some newer artists and to give his favourite musicians a platform to perform. The festival was presented in partnership with Goldenvoice, Brownies & Lemonade, and Slush Management.

The lineup featured G Jones, Jai Wolf, Kizuna AI, Madeon, San Holo, A. G. Cook, Anamanaguchi, Doss, Dv-i, Grrl, Knower, Kz (Livetune), Lil Texas, Nanobii, Shadient, Wavedash, and Hakushi Hasegawa. Highlights from some of those other artist’s sets include the following:

  • Madeon’s set was trending at #9 in the US on Twitter during his set. It has been uploaded to YouTube now as well, where it has already surpassed 100K views
  • Anamanaguchi played an unreleased remix of Porter’s “Get Your Wish” single
  • G Jones debuted ILLUSORY OS PART 1
  • Jai Wolf premiered a custom audio/visual experience for his Secret Sky set
  • A. G. Cook performed a genre defying “Acoustic EDM” set and teased a new album in this style
  • WAVEDASH announced their new album and played unreleased remixes of Madeon’s “Dream Dream Dream” and Porter’s “Get Your Wish.”
  • Lil Texas’ “American Hardcore” garnered attention that had him trending on #6 Twitter in the US

The 14 hour livestream event was broadcast via Porter’s custom-designed digital auditorium, YouTube, Twitch, Playstation (via the Littlstar app), SiriusXM, MTV Asia and Guettapen (France). Throughout the day, nearly every artist trended on Twitter in the US, Worldwide, and/or in their home country. During Porter’s set, he was #3 Trending US and #17 Worldwide.  

Built with Dreamwave technology and designed by Active Theory, the digital auditorium gave concert-goers the ability to move amongst each other throughout a virtual concert venue in real time using their web browser.

Users entered Secret Sky and saw themselves depicted as a squiggle avatar.

They were then able to navigate through a tunnel to enter the main auditorium area of the festival and join other fans. They were also able to view the festival stream, including custom visuals from each performing artist, set times, and more.

Visuals displayed in the auditorium changed dynamically, creating a unique look for each artist. The digital auditorium had close to 1.5 million page views and nearly 1 million fans were in attendance.  

Secret Sky partnered with Postmates, Pioneer DJ, and Sapporo to help contribute to the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund.

The fund supports a wide spectrum of individuals across the music industry impacted by the pandemic including thousands of touring crew members who make their livelihood on the road. In addition to those brands, fans watching Secret Sky also contributed many thousands of dollars directly throughout the day. 100% of contributions from both brands and fans go directly to the Fund.

Secret Sky was created as a continuation of last year’s hugely successful Second Sky Festival which Robinson launched in conjunction with Coachella producers Goldenvoice.

The two-day event took place in Oakland, CA and drew a sold-out crowd of 30,000 fans.  Porter promised the return of Second Sky at the end of his streaming set Saturday.

Upon release Pitchfork described Nurture’s ‘Get Your Wish’ as “a joyful return … one that expands the scope of his music while bringing him back down to earth.”

Following its release, #PorterRobinson and #GetYourWish trended at #6 and #11 on Twitter respectively and amassed 19 Million+ Global Streams. ‘Something Comforting’ has been streamed 11 Million+ times globally.

Robinson’s debut studio album Worlds ranked as one of Billboard’s best dance albums of the decade, his track “Shelter” with Madeon was RIAA Certified Gold, and he’s amassed over 1.3 billion global streams. More recently, Porter Robinson received his first Grammy nomination for his side project “VIRTUAL SELF”.