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Postcard From Sydney
Postcard From Sydney

Hello Perth,

It’s Bec (RACKETT), with the last ‘Postcard from Sydney’ of 2019. It’s been a huge year, having seen so many incredible artists both in Sydney and most recently throughout my tour of Japan. This month has really set me up for a long sleep throughout Christmas and into a banging 2020. Jumping off the plane from Japan and into the crowd for The Delta Riggs, These New South Whales, Baby Beef, Planet, Bitch Diesel, Children Collide, Dante Knows, Will and The People, Queens of Club, Ange, Morgana Osaki, The Moving Stills, here are some of my highlights for my 8th postcard.

I’ve created a playlist for you to listen to while you read featuring the artists I’ve seen this month and what’s on my radar .

The Delta Riggs –  The Lansdowne Hotel Sydney –  Thursday 28th November 2019

The Delta Riggs

Growing up on the Sydney live scene alongside rock-disco metamorphics, The Delta Riggs, I was unsure if this was resurgence or farewell show with lead singer Elliot Hammond admitting “it is nearly always the Delta Riggs last show but we just keep coming back”. And please do, The Delta Riggs remains one of my favourite live acts and songwriters still within reach. Playing to a sold-out crowd at The Lansdowne in Sydney, The Delta Riggs delivered a diverse and explosive, future-nostalgia set with performances of ‘Baddest Motherfucker in the Beehive’, ‘Never seen that before’ ‘Ra Ra Radio’ and more recent ‘Fake That’, ‘Bright as the Sun’, ‘Friendly Fire’ from their 2019 album ‘Modern Pressure’. Elliot is an unforgeable frontman, his brit-twang vocal tone and instrumental contributions put him at the centre of a well-oiled dance machine. Confiding in the audience the evening’s pros and cons, ‘we didn’t win an aria but we didn’t almost break up this week”, alluded to challenges of a keeping the band together for close to a decade. With a psychedelic break down mid-set, an outstanding cover of LCD Sound System’s ‘Daft Punk is playing at my house’, mastering rock, indie, disco in one marathon set, The Delta Riggs, drove it home with stamina and steeze leaving the audience in a circle pit of flying limbs.

Dante Knows  –  The Lansdowne Hotel Sydney –  Tuesday 26h November 2019

Dante Knows

I came across Dante Knows through a friend. This was perfect timing for me as I’ve been listening to mostly ASAP Rocky and Tyler The Creator for six months straight. Dante Knows sits right in the pocket of this vibe. Opening for Will and The People (UK) and fresh off his Australian tour with Sticky Fingers, US-born rapper/hype man/lyric wizard Dante Knows is an artist you need to know. Throwing it down, literally, (he performed most of his set in the audience), with a DJ Tasker mixing and matching the hype on stage, I felt a brewing of Dante mania that I could be a part of. Effortlessly coercing the audience to give up their inhibitions and voices with ‘yeah yeah yeah’s’, his warm presence speaking humbly to crowd juxtaposing his savage tracks. Dante Know’s ‘Uchi Uchi’ has superseded my streaming count listening to ASAP Rocky’s ‘Praise The Lord’. Check it out HERE.

Children CollideThe Lansdowne Hotel Sydney –  Tuesday 26h November 2019

Children Collide

On my tippy toes, trying to catch a glimpse of Children Collide at a packed Lansdowne in Sydney, huge vocals bellowing back and forth as Children Collide’s Johnny Mackay, matches the volume of 200 devoted voices screaming his lyrics back at him from the audience. Johnny Mackay is a songwriting genius and untethered frontman, his performance a collision of nostalgia, future and stand-up comedy, scolding the crowd in an ‘I hate you, I love you’ way. Returning to the stage as Children Collide for the first time in a long time with special guest Chela on bass, Johnny performed his undateable classics ‘Farewell Rocketship’, ‘Jelly Legs’, ‘Social Currency’ in-between debuts of soon-to-be-released bangers. Jumping into the crowd with his guitar between jokes about the former glory days, lack of guitar tech or merch staff, added a dimension of charm to what was already the return of this naughty prince charming of indie-rock, saving us from the future through the past. Finishing the evening with a four-songs-long goodnight, taking it all out on his guitar at the end, wrestling it like Nacho Libra to the ground, leaving the bass going on an endless loop into midnight. Bravo and brb please.

Bitch DieselThe Lansdowne Hotel Sydney –  Tuesday 26 November 2019

Bitch Diesel

I played with Bitch Diesel back in 2017 at Cherry Bar in Melbourne and now I wanna be a Bitch Diesel. Me and everyone at The Lansdowne in Sydney as they slew stereotypes and summoned demonic banshees from the cracks of walls. Sharing lead vocals, the 3 piece brat pack from Melbourne delivered controlled chaos with their distorted guitars, manic punk riffs, shrieking vocals and rocker show-woman-ship and they did it in heels.  Bitch Diesel are like the bad girls at school your mum warned you about, the ones skipping class to smoke ciggies behind the sports shed. Ripping through one of my favourite tracks ‘Pauline & Rob’ (their video clip notoriously banned by Mr. Internet in 2017) and a cover of ‘I don’t wanna go out’ by ‘X’, Bitch Diesel are a not-acting, act you need to be across.

Planet The Lansdowne Hotel Sydney –  Tuesday 26th November 2019


Fresh off the back of their Australia tour with Liam Gallagher, Planet are orbiting an LED-lit sun, amidst an atmosphere of burning British indie stars and acoustic shrapnel. On the wall of the Lansdowne, I see a poster for the bands debut EP Tour back in 2018, an artifact of the band’s rapid growth in Australia and also abroad with the band making an indent in Europe with their signing to London-based booking agency ATC Live (alongside Mac Demarco, Stella Donnelly, Julia Jacklin) . Playing to a full house with the audience singing along to ‘Aching Dream’, unifying the venue with their sweet brit-pop inspired songs from their 2018 EP ’Waking Eight’. Returning to the stage to chanting encores before they even left the stage, with “Northern Lights”, Planet is a warm and friendly place where every day is Sunday.

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