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An emerging talent on the Australian music scene, Nigerian born PRICIE is making a name for herself as a standout triple threat singer, songwriter, and rapper.

With distinctive powerful, soulful and husky vocals, and generous on-stage charisma, Sweat It Out are thrilled to announce PRICIE’s signing to the label, and the official release of her debut single ‘too dang good’, following a huge reaction on triple j Unearthed.

Uploading the single to the platform almost five weeks ago, PRICIE has already had the tick of approval with a full add to triple j, as well as becoming triple j’s Unearthed feature artist this week, with multiple 5 star reviews to boot.

From the outset, PRICIE demands attention, with her compelling delivery, tongue in cheek lyrics, silky hooks, and all topped off with a playful attitude that encompasses her unique style.

Detailing how organically the track came together in a studio session with Melbourne’s own Lucianblomkamp, PRICIE shares “‘too dang good’ was a last-minute studio magic moment – we honestly didn’t expect to make anything, but myself and Lucian literally just vibed each other and decided to jam. As he made a beat I began to freestyle on it and ‘too dang good’ was born.” 

Sharing that the idea for the song came from wanting to discuss and highlight sexual liberation in all forms, PRICIE goes on to explain that “the message is for women to know their worth and understand that although some things may transpire within their relationship, they’re just way too dang good for it.”

Putting both her style and moves on display, today PRICIE also shares the official music video for her debut single, watch HERE.

The debut clip was directed by the wonderfully talented Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore, who created the incredible documentary detailing women’s experiences in the Australian music industry ‘Her Sound, Her Story’, whilst creating music videos with an array of Australian musicians including Thelma Plum, Kaiit, Holy Holy, and Meg Mac.

The video is a divine combination of bold static shots with block colours and power suits, a combination of popping, hip hop and freestyle dance, with both costume and location juxtaposed with one another throughout.

Claudia shares her vision for the video, detailing “my focus for this clip is centered around introducing PRICIE to the world. Showing off her fun, sassy and playful side while also celebrating her love of monotonefashion, styling and simplicity. The song made me want to get up and move as soon as I heard it. I brought in local Melbourne dancers Karla Mathieson and Angela Baklis to embody the innate groove you feel as soon as the beat drops. The vacant landscapes, the symmetrical compositions, the poised shapes of the bodies, they are all intentional to frame and keep the viewers gaze centered on PRICIE.”

Citing her religious upbringing as an introduction to a variety or musical styles from a young age, PRICIE has been influenced by everything from gospel, to blues, neo-soul, jazz, and Nigerian funk music. With her musical icons just as far reaching, the young artist has been inspired by everyone from Nigerian musician Fela Kuti, gospel singer CeCe Wianna, to RnB & rap icons Lauryn Hill and Queen Latifah. However, it was her early interest in poetry that proved to be the driving force in becoming a songwriter.

Using the artform as a way to improve her English upon moving to Australia, PRICIE slowly and rhythmically practised over and over, and in turn found her voice through rapping.

Entrenched in the poetry scene of Sydney from a teenager, and Melbourne where she now resides, PRICIE is inspired by the raw honesty of the community, sharing, “people who would stand on stage and pour their hearts out, no matter what they were going through, they would just write poetry about it.” 

Having linked up with Sydney collective POLOSHIRT in 2018, PRICIE went on to feature on their vibrant single ‘Too Good To Be True’, taken from their self-titled debut EP. Performing live with the project at Listen Out in Melbourne and Brisbane, PRICIE has also gone on to perform alongside Winston Surfshirt at Beyond the Valley, and Secret Garden Festival. And further supporting New Zealand singer Matthew Young on tour, and opening for Okenyo for ‘The Wave’ tour.

With a myriad of diverse new music showing the many sides of PRICIE to be released over the next 12 months, the soulful new artist is quickly becoming the artist to watch in 2021 and beyond.

PRICIE’s debut single ‘too dang good’ is out now on Sweat It Out.

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