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Perth punk heroes, Incomplete, are almost singlehandedly bringing back music with meaning.  Don’t get us wrong, they’re gutsy, melodic and as listenable as any other band out there, it’s just that they’re beautifully deep with it all too.  They make music that will change the world one oblique connection at a time.  Intrigued?  Check out their latest track, ‘Everything’s Alright’, you’ll be incomplete without it.

We’re trying to carve out own course through the Perth musical wilderness

Around The Sound spoke to three quarters of Incomplete from their south of Perth rehearsal bunker.  Having viewed the video for ‘Everything’s Alright’, which features the movie Reach For The Sky, the biopic of World War 2 fighter pilot, Douglas Bader, who flew Spitfires with two tin legs, we were curious about the band’s take on the punk ethos.

Drummer, Peter-James Moulton, told us, “He (Bader) was the original punk!  He was the original Top Gun.

“Being told that he couldn’t do it and then being able to do it with two missing legs, which is pretty incredible.  He is the original punk, there’s no doubt about it.

“To me, punk is more about not caring what anyone else is doing. A part of our ethos is that we’ll play with most bands, regardless of whether they’re punk or not.  We’re trying to carve out own course through the Perth musical wilderness to stake a claim in different areas.  We’re just doing our own thing and trying to be as independent and as unique as possible.  In the last couple of years, we’ve seen a shift in the scene from punk bands playing just with punk bands.  We’ve diversified a little bit and we’re getting different genres of bands that we’re playing with.”


Then, guitarist/vocalist, Jamie J. Buchanan, weighed in.

“A big part of punk is do it yourself and do it your own way, and fuck ‘em if they don’t like it.  Either we’ll disappear and no one will like us, or, eventually, they’ll like it.  Either way, we’re going to have fun while we’re doing it.”

There’s no doubt that Incomplete are an interesting proposition as a band.  One album into their recording career with 2018’s eponymous debut, the band has been in existence since 2003 and is on the way to completing their second long player.

Of the first album, Buchanan said, “For an album that was essentially made in someone’s bedroom, it’s not a bad result.” 

Talk about DIY!  And he’s right, the record is chokkas with Incomplete’s energetic approach to songs about life in the key of punk, taking some detours through rock and metal along the way.  The maturity of this debut is a reflection of Incomplete’s longevity as a band.  As is often the case, a lot of years of honing their craft has gone into the songs.  It’s going to be interesting to see where their sophomore record takes them.

Musing on the new recordings, Buchanan said, “We have a range of influences amongst all of us, something we all like and some stuff only one or two of us like, and when you bring it all together writing songs you come up with something a bit different.  We’ve got a few songs on the album we’re working on now that would be almost metal songs really and then there’s others that are definitely old school skate- pop-punk type songs, then there’s some hard rock stuff and probably one acoustic one, folk-punk type thing.”

It’s around about here that some lazy journalist might make a pun about the band’s work being Incomplete.  We got that sort of malarkey out of the way in the opening paragraph.  But there’s a sense of urgency and unfinished business about this band and we’re going to set expectations for their second record to ‘High’.

You can check out Incomplete live at Grumpy’s Music Bar on September 14.  More details here.

But you might want to go and check out Incomplete multiple times, because, as bass player, Ryan Popa said, “We always have new songs.  We’ve always got something new that you won’t have heard before.  You’ll never get the same show twice.”

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