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The Caballeros will celebrate their 10th anniversary later this year, somehow, some place.  Their front man and eternal showman, Jake ‘Dr Green’ England, isn’t saying just yet.  They do have a double video and single launch coming up on 16 March, though, and England was happy to say plenty about that!
Photo Credit: Clare Martella, Works With Quirks

If you like your rock and roll highly charged and performed with the sort of showmanship that seems to have disappeared from a lot of live music performance over recent years, you need to see The Caballeros

For a band that are the self-titled ‘saviours of rock and roll’ The Caballeros have a lot to live up to.  This is a town that doesn’t like people big noting themselves and England is well aware of that.

“People hate us!  We’re punks,” is how he calls it.

It’s one of the stranger phrases we’ve heard falling from the lips of, well, anyone who’s ever fronted a band.  A lot of them go for that outsider, underdog thing, because we all love a fairy tale ending, but hate is a pretty strong word.

We were about to ask the obvious question, ‘Are you mad?’ but England got in first. “We’re the coriander of bands, people either love us or hate us.  Mostly people hate us.  We’re punks.  We don’t care what people think of us, as long as they respond.”


Now, that’s more like it.  Bring coriander into a conversation and it’s bound to be polarising, but it puts the hate motif in its correct proportion.  After all, it’s only a herb.  Maybe this is where the ‘Dr Green’ part of the moniker came from?  We were about to ask, but we realised we’d drifted off a bit while England was still talking about his band’s double video and single launch.  It’s going to be quite the event, but then The Caballeros never do anything by halves.

“I like things that are different.  It’s 10 years of Caballeros this year, in December.  We started with a big bang, with a big double stage event at our first gig and I’ve always thought we should do more stuff like that.  So we’ve done things like book an art gallery and put on a photography exhibition, we had a part on a boat … things like that.

“It should be different.  You should never ever think that a gig is what people want.  While I really appreciate bands that come in and do their thing, it’s also got to be an experience.  That’s where I’m at.  It’s got to be more than just a gig, it’s got to be an experience.  So, these things that we’ve got coming up, having Kat Wild do a burlesque dance, having Simone Springer MC and do comedy in between sets, those are big things.”

Did you get all that?  They’re launching a single with dual videos, burlesque, an MC, and lotsa other bands.  But wait, there’s more.  There’s always more with The Caballeros.

“We’ve got these two videos clips and we said, ‘What are we going to do with them?’  Paul (Bovenkerk), our bass guitarist and I sat down and said let’s do a gig where we release both, because we’ve got them and their linked.  And why don’t we do something fun like give away a copy plus extra stuff on a VHS tape?”

“We’re going to make a whole video essay and put that on there, as well.  Just, different things.  I want to be different.”

That’s fucking mad!  We just have to be there, and so should you be.

We could end the story there, but there’s more to tell.  England demands it, in the nicest possible way, and who were we to refuse?

So, we delve into The Caballeros’ back story.

“I’m a big (Rolling) Stones fan and, when they started, whether they were supporting or not, they left everyone in their dust and they were unapologetic about it.  I don’t want to half arse my craft to make someone else look good.

“I’m terrible [at being a great musician].  Can’t sing, can’t remember my own damned lyrics.  I’m shocking!  The show is important to me, that really where I’m at.  And, if I forget the lyrics, I’m quite happy to poke fun at myself about it.  And I’m quite happy for my band to tease me.  Quite often our guitarist, Jason (Mirosevic) will sing over the top of me, the correct lyrics, or call me out at the end of a song.  Or he’ll nudge me, or kick me in the back, or something like that.  Maybe we’re just reacting to the fact that there’s a lot of Perth bands right now where there doesn’t seem to be a lot of energy.

“There’s been a few line up changes, I think for the better.  We’re cooking on all cylinders at the moment.  We’ve got a new record coming soon and we’ve just recorded a live DVD, so that’ll be coming soon, too.  That’s will probably launch at the same time as the two new video clips (See, even more!  Maybe.). And, if we don’t do that, we’ll do it in July, when we have something else planned.”

Have to pause for breath there.  It’s getting sweaty now and we’re in the Brisbane Hotel’s beer garden on a balmy Monday, early evening.  It ain’t the weather, it’s England generating all the heat.

If we hadn’t seen them before, we’d go see The Caballeros just to find out if their prolix front man could live up to his own hype.  He’s a showy little fucker and, secretly, we’d love to be able to hate him just the way he reckons everyone else does.  But, the fact is, we have seen The Caballeros and they don’t just live up to the hype.  They ARE the hype.

And don’t be fooled by all that ‘people hate us’ bullshit.  Outsiders they may be, but The Caballeros still just want to be loved.  And there’s plenty to love, with more coming.

If you like your rock and roll highly charged and performed with the sort of showmanship that seems to have disappeared from a lot of live music performance over recent years, you need to see The Caballeros.  Love them or hate them, they’ll provoke a response, make you feel … something!

Watch out for a massive event at the end of this year, with plenty in between.

In the meantime, view the first of The Caballeros new videos right here.

The Caballeros – Last Chance.

Here it is! "Last Chance" the video clip! Sure it's no #Starwars but it's got a beat and you can dance to it! Let Jessie Ruby Appleyard show you how it's done. Direct to you from the streets of Perth to you mobile device in beautiful monochrome… The Caballeros – Last Chance.

Posted by The Caballeros on Thursday, February 22, 2018


Event information
Caballeros launch a whole bunch of stuff at Rhubarb Records Vinyl Café on 16 March with support from I Call Val, King Mantis and Ella Munro.  There will be a whole heap of stuff going on, so probably best put this one in your diary right now.

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