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Airline Food
Photo credit: Jesse Vivante

Their name may possibly give you some bad food poisoning flashbacks, but Airline Food is definitely a band that is headed for ‘flying success’. They’ve only been kicking around the scene for a little under three years, but in that time they’ve proved that their dreamy, floaty, spacey vibes are ‘first class’. I ‘checked in’ with the guys ahead of the upcoming single launch for their fresh tune ‘Axe Murderer’.

 “‘Axe Murderer’ is something quite different to what we have released before,” said Conor Levy, keyboard player with Airline Food. “It’s darker, heavier and more intense than our previous releases both musically and thematically. We are more confident in our song writing which has allowed us to become more experimental.”

Asked about the upcoming single launch, Levy enthused about the bands that will be on the bill with Airline Food.

“Sara Salt Band’s song ‘Games’ is incredible. They have a lot of energy and emotion on display, and every band member really gives it their all when playing it live. As for Ah Trees… the first time we listened to ‘Team Sports’ it was an instant favourite. It has such a catchy bass-line and the guitar tones are sick.”

April 3rd at The Bird is going to be a good, good night!

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