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Steve Hackett
Steve Hackett

Steve Hackett is bringing his ‘Genesis Revisted’ show to Australia next year, which is looking to be an incredible show. Around The Sound spoke to Hackett as he prepared for the world tour.

First, we just wanted to know how life had been treating him lately.

“Very well, I’ve been busy, off tomorrow to Italy to do 5 shows and that’s off the back of 7 weeks in 8 different countries with this show and It’s been extraordinary and inspiring and absolutely brilliant.”

We also spoke to Hackett about the idea behind the shows.

“Well, the second half of the show we play Selling England By The Pound in it’s entirety, basically John Lennon gave an interview many years ago and said that Genesis was one of the bands he was listening to, and Selling England By The Pound happened to be the favourite, so usually when I do the Genesis stuff, I cherry pick across everything and choose my favourites but this time around I thought I would do two favourite albums; one of which was Selling England By The Pound from ’73 and Spectral Mornings from ’79, which apparently David Bowie loved, which I find to be interesting.”

Steve is a gentleman, and quite clearly loves looking back whilst looking forward, I pressed further on what fans can expect from the shows..

“I’m playing stuff from three different albums, it’s kind of a grand slam thing, some of the songs off Selling England By The Pound were absolutely extraordinary, like ‘Dancing with the Moonlit Knight’ – it’s my favourite Genesis period. So we do the full thing, we even do some songs that were left off the album and it’s almost like a Directors Cut kind of show. I do lead into few songs off my new album At The Edge of Light because I do hope some of the newer stuff is just as interesting as what was going on way back then.”

We had to ask the question. I mean how could we not? Is he hoping to one day share the stage again with his old band mates in the future, or has that ship had sailed.

“It’s interesting that you use the term ‘has that ship sailed’, I think – let’s put it this way, if that ship came into dock – I’m up for it. They approached me about it was around 2005 and I basically said call me if and when and we’ve never really reconvened. If there was a gesture, I would certainly be up for it, not for something that would be done just to make money individually, but to do it for the craic of it – yeah, it’s possible, never say never. Meanwhile I honor the music we made together, politics free. If it doesn’t happen, it won’t be because of me”

Lastly we just had to ask what the music of Genesis means to Steve’s life.

“You know, I think it’s – I advertise myself as a songwriter, you can advertise yourself to be a master chef even if you’ve never boiled an egg. I learned how to write songs by being in Genesis, by being in on it all together. We wrote many things together where nobody was really sure what was the verse and what was the chorus. It wasn’t that obvious. I think in that way it was music that told stories. I loved the music that we did together – so much of it has survived now for decades way beyond the band and its various incarnations – there is no band called Genesis anymore, but its legacy carries on with the individuals that were a part of it.”

Steve Hackett plays The Astor Theatre Perth on 24 May 2020. More information and tickets here.

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