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Boy oh boy, when doom-gaze lords Skullcave told me their new single ‘Offend, Repeat’ was going to be a “big slab of riffs”, they were not lying. The new track is absolutely huge; it has the perfect blend of despair, dissonance and distortion that we’ve been loving from these guys ever since they formed in 2014. I had a chat with drummer and vocalist Liam about writing and what’s ahead in the lead up to the single release and their second national tour.

“It all starts with (guitarist) Jay and whatever he’s got going on.”, Liam explained about the band’s writing process. “Then he can translate those feelings into song. At the time that we were writing ‘Offend, Repeat’, he was re-entering the dating world and finding out what had changed.”

The final product has resulted in an encouraging message for listeners, which is “to find a balance and perhaps inner strength between standing up for yourself or someone else in the moment” in order to “try to live your best life in a safe creative bubble, away from dumb distractions in the media, aggressive scenarios or abusive people”.

Skullcave have really hit the nail on the head with this one. Adverse social events continue to shock our nation and the world almost daily at this point, whether they’re on a local or widespread scale; so it can be hard to forget that there’s an immediate world around you that’s calling your name. Especially if you’re an artist who’s trying to relate to the world and the country you live in.

Single launch
Check out the single and get pumped for the Perth installment of the ‘Offend, Repeat’ tour, which happens Saturday April 20 at The Rosemount alongside their mates New Talk, Pat Chow, Ursula and Duck Teeth.




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