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Ivory Lies, photo by Caris Morcombe
Ivory Lies, photo by Caris Morcombe

The Ivory Lies ‘Drifting Away’ single launch
The Aardvark, 17/05/19

The Ivory Lies ‘Drifting Away’ single launch 17/05/19I had been at The Aardvark (a favourite Fremantle haunt of mine) a few weeks ago. The walls were plastered with The Ivory Lies promo posters for their upcoming single launch, a song called Drifting Away. DJ Bee Rizzi, Spudgun and Flyball Gov’nor were on the bill and my hopes were high for a night of balls to the wall rock n’ roll.

Last night there was an array of characters only Freo could muster. DJ Bee Rizzi was spinning a solid variety of tracks ranging from Black Sabbath to Dolly Parton, the old school mood was set as leather jacket clad punters trickled in.

The last time I watched Spudgun perform it was to a near empty room almost a year ago. They had still turned it up to 11 and gave a thrashing performance. Tonight their energy was fuelled by the crowd. Stand out songs were ‘So Is She’ and a cover of ‘Rock n’ Roll Outlaw’ by Rose Tattoo that had the crowd on their feet. Half way through their set front man Clint Hodges brought out “the Spud funnel” and required a bit of audience participation to neck a beer before continuing. To have such antics so early on in the night was a great icebreaker and their head-banging performance definitely felt Motorhead inspired.

Flyball Gov’nor graced the stage with lead singer Mel Anastas dressed to impress in a gold metallic outfit which she proudly informed me earlier she scored for $4 at the local op shop. Bargain. They played a variety of songs that I would describe as punk-jazz…though I feel like that’s almost not enough. Though their songs touched on heavy important subjects such as sexism and creeps there was still a strong of sense of joy in their performance with Mel easily transitioning from belting out lyrics “I’m not your real estate so shut your fucking face” to dancing with twirls and jazz hands. I was also thrilled to see the crowd dancing so enthusiastically, then I realised it was the Spudgun boys kicking on. I felt a genuine warmth of support from one band to another.

By the time 10:30 rolled around everyone was well and truly in the throes of the hair-fest frenzy, though I was slightly disappointed the room hadn’t filled to capacity. The Ivory Lies took to the stage and opened with a fairly recent single ‘New Obsession’. It was a good choice of opener with ripping riffs and solid back beat. It had that classic rock feel that seems to be a rarity in up and coming bands. Several other high voltage songs followed. ‘Limousine Cuisine’ recorded on their first EP was fast and furious, so fast and furious the drummer Scott Bingemann broke his kick pedal mid song. It wasn’t long before someone threw a spare on stage and with a bit of banter they went straight back into it. ‘Communication Breakdown’ by Led Zeppelin was covered, a definite crowd pleaser. Vocalist Liam Keaney delivered a well-rounded performance with a distinctive rasp.

Then came the song of the night, Drifting Away. I had listened to it on Spotify prior to coming to the gig and was impressed by the recording. It is a dynamic song with multiple guitar solos as well as a drum solo. Watching it live felt like the other piece of a puzzle coming together as the band worked the crowd. As the night drew to an end ‘Road to Seduction’ (the title of their first EP) was played. The band seemed to relax more in this song, it felt well-worn and fun. As it ended I was delighted to hear the familiar “ONE MORE SONG” chant. They concluded with their own unique take of ‘Are You Satisfied?’ by Reignwolf.

Those that came experienced a gem of a night. The elements each band brought to the evening complimented each other well to create an atmosphere that might’ve been felt in yesteryears rock n’roll glory days. Rock is very much alive in Perth, it just requires a bit of digging to find it.

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