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Rhye emerged from Canada as a somewhat mysterious entity with a debut album, Woman, in 2013.

At the time it was a duo consisting of vocalist/producer, Mike Milosh, and Robin Hannibal. The notion of identity, however, was blurred until Rhye’s ethereal, emotive and real sounds returned with a second LP, Blood, with Milosh emerging as the prime mover in what is now a collective after a raft of live performances. Blood received similar acclaim and was followed by an official remix album late last year.

Creativity continues asunder, with Milosh posting as much on Facebook on January 2 – ‘Every day I come into the studio, it’s become tradition to record the very first idea I come up on the piano. It’s been a beautiful tradition that keeps ideas flowing, some of these ideas turn into songs, you just follow them where ever they lead’.

This ideal of forgetting pressure and being in the creative moment has resulted in a new release set to be unveiled in the coming months.

“I decided to do an EP of songs that were centred around the piano for release this year,” he says down the ‘line from Los Angeles. “I didn’t want the pressure of a longform record, because I’d just released one and I’d bought this beautiful piano I loved playing. I don’t know, I just wanted to flow, to really flow, every day, for one-and-a-half-to-two-hours recording things that were totally brand new. At the end of it I looked at it and decided the songs that would be used – some were like a minute-and-a-half long and other were nine minutes.”

While an EP release has transpired from the approach, it wasn’t a commercial decision. Milosh in the process has set a beautiful, creative example for others, completely set aside from the notion of the ‘business’.


“From an artist’s perspective I would suggest any artist go through that process a coupe times a year where you just give yourself the opportunity to record something and let it flow and don’t criticise yourself and just let things happen,” he says.

“Adjudicate what you’ve done, after the fact. The importance isn’t in the final songs, it’s just about having fun making music and writing. It’s actually quite a beautiful experience. We’re so often under the notion of pressure and creating a ‘hit’. It’s not really about that.”

Rhye performs at Chevron Gardens on February 24.

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