Perth hip hop artist SURAJ just dropped a new track called Apex with a video in tow. It’s the first of 12 releases for the year, which will be offered monthly.

“I made the instrumental after a hectic night with friends,” he tells ATS of Apex. “I had the idea of making this beat for a while, and it was always in the back of my head, but after that one crazy night I felt like the next morning was the perfect time to make a really relaxing beat. The lyrics came out of a really low point last year and I really wanted to be optimistic. It really seems like much of what I write seems to be about being optimistic these days.”

SURAJ has put together the Mouthful Of Rhymes event at Clancy’s Fish Pub Fremantle on February 9, also featuring 506, S6ixpencesoko, EssKay V and AJ Lyriq.

“To be honest the title is just a title,” he says, “but my intentions behind holding this gig was to bring together different parts of the hip hop scene in Perth. Hip hop in Perth really isn’t brought to the forefront when it should be, there are so many artists out there but unlike the band scene there aren’t places and performances where hip hop can commune together as one united scene.

“By holding these gigs I hope I can start something with this type of mentality of bringing together all hip hop artists in Perth irrelevant of the style or niche.”

SURAJ’s musical background is a pretty diverse melange that goes some way to explaining the artist he is today and where he wants to take things.

“I’m a multi- instrumentalist and producer,” he says. “I did singing lessons and piano lessons through High School, and am self-taught with guitar and bass guitar. I also started writing raps in high school and I really fell in love with doing that.

“I want to take hip hop in all directions. I feel like many of us view hip hop from a very narrow view, and we forget that anything can be hip hop if we want it to be.

“If you compare hip hop 40 years ago and now, the sound and culture are so different, and it would be so wrong to say they’re the same thing, but that’s okay because it’s still hip hop, and we shouldn’t be afraid of jumping into the fringes of hip hop culture and art.”

Mouthful Of Rhymes happens at Clancy’s Fish Pub Fremantle on February 9, with SURAJ, 506, S6ixpencesoko, EssKay V and AJ Lyriq.

Tickets Please: www.facebook.com/events/362607230956050/

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