Timothy Nelson and Drapht on the 21P tour. Pic: Brayden Smith

The Hardest Working Man In The Nelson Business, Timothy Nelson, recently toured with Drapht, who was on national arena tour supporting American juggernauts, Twenty One Pilots.

“It was quite the ride I must say!” Nelson er, says. “We were very spoiled too, because it turns out Twenty One Pilots fans are the best crowds in the world to play to. Every night they’d give us an amazing response, and all the American crew were incredibly generous to us throughout the tour as well.

“What I learnt was that prancing around on stage, singing to 20,000 people is totally a vibe, but having your guitar amp blow out in the first song, not so much.”

The tour followed on from the release of The Come Down Was Real, Nelson’s (AKA Indoor Fins) collaboration with Drapht.

“We actually met in LA through a mutual friend who I invited to my show at The Viper Room just over a year ago, they were driving around in an RV writing songs together and I kind of just joined them for a week out in the desert. Ideas were thrown around here and there, and then when we got back to Perth I started going over to Paul’s (Drapht) house and The Come Down Was Real was one of about two or three tunes we worked on. It went through many incarnations, being rewritten again and again from all different angles. It was a combination of a lyrical concept he’d working on for some time, and an old song of mine that was never finished.

“Paul is very meticulous about every little detail and he works so hard to make each song as good as it can be, which is why I’ve always been a fan too, he’s extremely musical and a massive Beatles head to boot. It seemed too different to my solo material to go under my own name so that’s how Indoor Fins came about, too.”

Nelson opens up 2019 with his band at The Bird on January 19. A whole year lies ahead with a whole lot to do.

“I’m releasing an Indoor Fins EP later this year, hopefully,” he reveals. “The record itself is done, and I’m writing a lot at the moment. I’m excited about it, I think it will sound like ELO and Supertramp crossed with Phoenix and Daft Punk. So I’m looking forward to making that a reality and doing it live too.

“I’m not sure when I’ll get to another solo album, there’s about 20 songs mostly written I’d like to put out into the world but you gotta take things one step at a time. Tour-wise, I’ll be doing a bunch of Drapht shows and in August I’m heading back to Europe with The Kill Devil Hills. We toured there last year and I can’t wait for round two.”

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