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I headed to my 2nd home, the Rosemount Hotel on Sunday the 24th of November to check out Ross The Boss on his 2nd Australian tour in the last 2 years. Don’t know who Ross The Boss is? He’s the former Axeman for Punk Band the Dictators, but known much more for his time in Manowar from 1980-1988. He was in Australia to celebrate the 35th Anniversary for the 1984 album Hail To England.

The night began with local Power Metal Act Silent Knight. They put an unbelievable performance on. Again, I’ve said it before about them but for the love of god they need to be on a bigger stage than this, at some of these mega metal festivals throughout Europe. Their new vocalist Dan Brittain is like Bruce Dickinson on speed. Are you kidding me? He was from another planet. The planet is called Bunbury apparently, as I asked people ‘Where the hell did they find this guy?’ Congratulations on a great performance Dan.

Dan Brittain.

Silent Knight are in my opinion clearly in the top 2 Metal bands in Perth, along with Tempest Rising… and neither were nominees for Metal Band of the Year? Sorry, that’s just wrong. Silent Knight could have claimed that award just with this performance alone. An incredible set from a band that has earned a higher spot in the world of Metal than opening for touring bands. They should be famous by now. They should be headlining.

Silent Knight.

Ross The Boss and his band were up next and Holy sh*t is all I can say right out of the gate. This show is the definition of Metal. His vocalist Marc Lopes has got a hell of a set of pipes on him (You better bring your A-Game if you plan to follow Dan Brittain, and he did very well) and the sheer energy oozing from the band was seriously something powerful.

They played the Manowar album Hail To England in full – and peppered the set with other Manowar classics as well as a couple of Ross The Boss Band originals. The band really worked well together, Ross had told me this lineup was better than the current version of Manowar which is why he doesn’t care that he’s not in that band anymore, and I kind of feel like; with what I saw that evening, there is a good chance he is correct. They really packed a punch and showed all of us well and truly what Heavy Metal is all about. Ross has still got the chops that he’s always had, and it was a treat to see this show. It was however a shame to see that there wasn’t a stronger turnout at the Rosemount for this epic event. It is what it is, the room was maybe half full but it didn’t change the fact this was one of the Metal nights of the year.

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