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Ross The Boss

Ross The Boss is one of the unsung guitar heroes of Heavy Metal. Previously with seminal 70’s Punk band The Dictators, and then forming MANOWAR in 1980 with Joey DeMaio, he recorded 6 albums with the band before being asked to leave the band in 1988.

All Men Play On 10!


He’s kept real busy over the next 31 years, being in over 15 other bands and releasing material along the way.

Since 2008 though, he’s been focusing on just being Ross The Boss, and has released 3 records under his name since then. He’s back in Oz this November, paying homage to his past with MANOWAR as he tours the country to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of their 1984 album ‘Hail To England’.

I spoke with Ross not long ago about the tour, the fans recent calls for his return to MANOWAR, and what the future holds in store for him.

Ross The Boss firstly speaks on the upcoming tour and why they’re back so soon after the last tour:

“Well, it’s the 35th Anniversary of ‘Hail To England’ and we just thought it would be a good time to do it. You know, it’s a great. It’s just one of my favourite records. ‘Army of the Immortals’, ‘Each Dawn I Die’, ‘Bridge Of Death’… It’s got some amazing songs on it.”

I pressed him about MANOWAR hinting at an Australian tour and not coming through with it, and if Ross’ tour was a response to the fact MANOWAR have still yet been able to find a promoter that will bring them down under.

“It’s more because the tour last year was quite successful and I think that’s why we’re coming back, because of that success. I don’t know why MANORWAR can’t. How the hell can’t they get down to Australia in 40 years? I just I don’t understand, but that’s none of my business. All I know is we came here last year and it was great and this time is even going to be better. I’m really, really looking forward to it, you know and it’s just great to play. It’s just great to be able to out there and just destroy people.”

Recently, the spot in MANOWAR that Ross The Boss used to have as his own had opened up once again. Fans were calling for Ross The Boss to return all over social media. I wanted to cheekily ask Ross about that and if it was ever a possibility.

“Yeah, I think that was off the cards. I had thousands of messages about it. It was just you know, only one person makes that decision and that just would be Joey. So, you know, it’s up to him and look who’s he’s got in the band. Yeah, so that tells you everything.

I’m happy I’m doing what I’m doing. My own thing. My band is better than MANOWAR anyway. We put out a new record last year. We’re doing these tours. I’m doing as much as I can and I’m happy.”

After this we started talking about his band’s new album which will come around April next year following their European tour. We then shifted gears and talked about how he feels about meeting his fans in Australia after taking a long time to get here.

“People had been waiting to see me since 1982. I don’t know what to say when they say “I can’t believe you’re here!” You know, it’s just overwhelming excitement and it’s great – it’s not made up, you know, it’s not made-up excitement. It’s not manufactured, and it’s just on the ground level. The people speak from their hearts. They want to see us perform and we’re going to do it. If we would have disappointed them live last year we wouldn’t have been coming back, but that’s just not the case and we’re just glad to be coming back and seeing everybody again and meeting new people.”

We finished off our little chat by talking about what else fans can expect from the upcoming tour.

“Besides Hail, We’re going to do other Manowar classic hits and Ross The Boss stuff as well. This band has come up with a lot of interesting material so we’ll play some new stuff. When you see it, you’ll know what you’re going to get – a good dose of everything.”

Ross The Boss was a pleasure to chat to, we ended up talking about The Stones, Jefferson Airplane, and The Beatles for a while as well as a bit of Motown chat, which I’m going to keep to myself. He’s passionate and he’s still hungry as ever at 65 years old, and I can’t wait to see him do his thing this month!

You can catch Ross The Boss at The Rosemount Hotel on Sunday, November 24th. 

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