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Samia shares her new single ‘Fit N Full’ with accompanying video directed by Martin Macpherson.

In addition to the single Samia is also proudly announcing details of her upcoming debut album, ‘The Baby,’ out August 28th via indie stalwarts Dew Process.  

Deceptively bright, ‘Fit N Full’ explores the long-purported relationship between a person’s physical fitness and their happiness. The narrator, “hollow and amazing,” sings of diets and lifestyles with no worries about their potential side effects; instead, she resigns herself to the listener’s desires: “If you want/ I can take it off.” The video plays further into this empty exhibition, a camcorder following Samia as she stretches on the beach or exercises next to a pool. 

For Samia, the alleged effect of physicality on personal joy became an all-consuming source of stress: “For some reason the words ‘fit’ and ‘full’ have always felt mutually exclusive to me,” she shares. “I wrote this while I was living in the east village, so overwhelmed by the magic and culture around me and literally only capable of thinking about my fucking body. I tried to write this from the perspective of the person I wanted to be instead of the person who stares at her reflection in the window of Veselka.” 

 ‘The Baby’ delves deeper into such feelings, how long-held beliefs and the pop culture barrage shapes a person’s existence. The preceding single “Is There Something In The Moves?” likewise tackles how showy, feigned romance moulds our own expectations of interpersonal relationships. Her insightful wordplay reveals not only the contradictions in people’s ways of thinking, but also the voice of an emerging lyricist with a pulse on the modern condition. 

 While these songs explore Samia’s fear of being alone, they were lovingly brought to life with the help of her community. Many of her tourmates eventually became collaborators as she prioritized working with old friends and kindred spirits.

Early demos of The Baby were workshopped with members of the band Active Bird Community, and the album was produced by Jake Luppen, Nathan Stocker & Caleb Hinz, the former two best known as members of indie-pop rebels Hippo Campus. Along with studio whiz Lars Stalfors (Foster the People, Soccer Mommy), Samia assembled a seemingly disparate crew, stretching from Los Angeles to Minnesota to New York, connected only by her trust and vision. 


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Samia pic credit Muriel Margaret Samia pic credit Muriel Margaret


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