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Review by – Paul Leahy

Perth Indi Pop “Soft Rocker” Jacob Sartori’s debut single “I Wonder”, released under the name of his band / alter ego ‘Sartoria’ in early March this year, is indeed ”unapologetically honest” and yet whimsically delightful in its emotionally raw and heartfelt and delivery.

Sartoria’s swelling guitar and piano intro leads spiraling into Coldplayesque vocals that carry you off to some beautiful place akin to a porch on farmhouse set on a hill, gazing upon a gorgeous sunset down in WA’s picturesque southwest… perhaps somewhere near Margaret River or Yellingup?

Precursory to the refrain in “I Wonder” however, there are tinges of a melancholy or sadness that begin to creep into Sartori’s vocals as he begins to perhaps reflect upon “saying goodbye” to something or someone close. Yet despite this realization of something lost, there is an incredible amount of warmth and perhaps even seeming contentment within this realization, and this is all delivered with a beautiful melodic floatyness that beckons to carry the listener off to a better one.

This lead single by Sartoria is hopefully only a glimpse of things to come for this Perth artist, with its catchy lingering chorus’s and free-flowing melodic hooks here’s hoping for more on the horizon very soon.

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