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Recently nominated for ‘Most Popular Live Act’ and ‘Most Popular New Act’ at the 2018 WAM Awards, I Call Val have just released their third single, Erase Her.

Accompanied by a fun yet savvy video (by ATS visual contributor, GordonCo Visuals) It’s a colourful slice of where the young pop-rockers are coming from, as well as where they’re going.

Erase Her was written two years ago now, and has developed, sonically, a fair bit since,” says vocalist/guitarist, Paige Savill. “The original idea of the song came when I started dating someone new and their ex just seemed to keep popping up, including being a suggested friend on Facebook (laughs). The wave of emotions were just a sense of being fed up with someone whose past permeates the present in a negative way.

“We recorded it with Troy Nababan, tracking drums (Andrew Mack) and bass (Craig Gehrmann) at Crank and vocals and guitar (Adam Rosetti) at Troy’s studio, Hammerspace. Troy is great because he also has a vision of the sound we’re after and pushes us to get every tiny aspect on point. So every tone, every vocal lick, every little accent has its own purpose, which we’re really proud of.”

Savill’s upbringing wasn’t particularly musical, but she recalls being well and truly set on the path as a nine-year-old when she watched Madonna’s Immaculate Collection greatest hits DVD.

“From that point I just knew what I wanted to do!” she exclaims. “From there my parents took me to get vocal lessons at the West End Music Academy – where Adam was also getting guitar lessons from about the same age – and I haven’t looked back! I’ve been hungry for the stage from a young age.”


I Call Val formed when Savill and Rosetti – who had been gigging in cover bands since their teens and touring WA from the age of 18 – felt the need to perform their own material.

“A few years ago we began writing, not knowing what the heck we were doing,” she recalls. “It was slow at first as we fumbled our way through songwriting for the first time, but we eventually got enough songs together to do some acoustic open mics, but all the while we had the intention of these songs to have a much, much fuller sound.

“So then began the recruiting stage! We quickly found a bass guitarist and drummer and have since been making a tonne of noise as a four-piece since our first show in November last year.”

The pair’s vision for the band went beyond the songs, with focus being given to the dynamics and ideology of how they perform and what they sing about.

“We always wanted our project to reflect bands that inspired us,” Savill explains. “For me that meant being a strong, colourful and kind-hearted front person; for Adam it was melodic guitar in an organised chaos of rhythmic bass and punchy drums.

“We really want our songs to open and/or continue discussions on current political topics that are hard to talk about otherwise. It can be painful navigating our way through an environment filled with prejudice, oppression and cruelty, and a lot of our music intends to acknowledge it and lend a shoulder to those who need it, whilst also working to tear down systems that deem any human lesser than another. I do believe that we have stayed true to this original vision and expect this fire to burn even brighter in the future.”

Savill cites I call Val’s two WAM Award nominations as being a big highlight for the band, “but in a smaller and more intimate way, I’ve just been overwhelmed with the support and encouraging words we’ve received from folks we’ve reached with our music, especially young kids! They just look at us with these big, adoring eyes and it reminds me of the exact reason I even began doing this.”

With a New Year ahead, it’s a time for goals and plan-making. Savill says that 2019 should prove to be a big leap forward for the band.

“There’s been a lot of anticipation surrounding our unreleased tracks so we’ll be keen to get them out finally,” she says, “and we’d love to reach new fans via all-ages shows and a little bit of touring, possibly.

“I think for us as well we’re looking forward to developing our sound further and making our live shows even better and bigger than they are currently. We’re excited about cultivating our sound which we hope is different to what’s been done before, with small remnants of the genres we grew up listening to, you know, for a bit of nostalgia (laughs).

I Call Val launch Erase Her on November 14 at Badlands with help from Triangle Fight, Platform 2 and The Casuals. Full details via

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