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The Screaming Jets

The Jets are The Jets. There’s never really been anybody like them. They must be proud of what they’ve accomplished over the past 30 years – and to be able to book a tour Australia-wide at any time to packed houses is just a testament to their longevity and durability in Aussie Rock ‘n’ Roll.

The night began with The Poor opening up, and they were blistering from start to finish, in fashion that reminded me of Aussie rock band Airbourne. These guys are wild, and proved they were a fitting inclusion on this tour.

The set kicked off with a lot of early material from their 1991 album ‘All For One’, and their 1992 follow up ‘Tear of Thought’. Of course with a show like this, they paid homage to their early material in blistering action, with Australia’s favourite Rock N Roll son Dave Gleeson entertaining the hell out of us throughout. ‘Helping Hand’ is always a typical fan favourite which set the crowd alight.

They continued cranking after a short break with a short acoustic set, with ‘Shivers’ being a highlight. It’s also worth noting that Bass Player Paul Woseen is looking in great shape, having dropped several kg’s since their previous tour.

The show ended with F.R.C – paying tribute to the recent election results in a very fitting tribute, followed by ‘Better’ and a cover of Neil Youngs ‘Rockin’ In The Free World’. No ‘Sad Song’ tonight (my favourite) but nonetheless the Jets celebrated 30 years in style and should be proud of where they have been and where they are today.

Photo credit: Karl’s shitty Samsung

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