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Si Vis Pacem, Para BellumIf You Want Peace, Prepare for War.

The latest singles Dangerous and Bruised and Bloodied spark the sonic charge of the upcoming album through the orchestration of the legendary Seether. After two decades since the release of the first album, the South African-originated band continue their machinations on conquering the world’s airways, marching alongside with millions of streaming listeners a month on the eve of the next major invasion.   

The 13-track, 8th studio album armed with an imperious title is set to be the most successful release by the multi-platinum selling rock band, according to front man and lyricist Shaun Morgan – and we at Around the Sound are on the bandwagon. Through honesty, the singer songwriter projects his vivid imagery on personal and cultural demons, festering from contemporary issues and propagating through thematically bloodied riffs and warring rhythms. 

Lead guitarist and backing vocalist Corey Lowery speaks with Sheldon Ang of the upcoming album (to be released on August 28th) and his seamless transition onto the bloodline and DNA of his new band.    

Sheldon: Where are you now?

Corey: In Atlanta, Georgia and we are hanging on here. How are you doing over there?

Sheldon: I’m in Perth Australia, things are relatively normal here.

Corey: Yeah, I read that things are doing really well over there. That’s good to hear.

Sheldon: Yeah it is…so you’re the new guy, and seems you’ve settled in.

Corey: (Chuckles) We’ve been friends for 16 years…Shaun and the guys. It wasn’t a transition for me. Shaun took us on their live shows and we’ve been watching each other play. From the first show we played, it felt like home.

Sheldon: You’ve been in many bands before…so generally speaking was it an easy transition for professional musicians to transit onto other bands?

Corey: It all comes down to the vibe and the music we play, and it got to feel like home and natural. And for me this was such an easy movement. I’ve been a huge fan of Seether before joining the band. And as soon as we joined the band I did a year to a year and a half of touring. And we started writing on the new record. We went into the studio…and we can’t wait for people to hear out new record. Our first single Dangerous is out now.

Sheldon: It must be like family because your brother was in Seether a few years ago.

Corey: Yeah Clint was a fill in, and I came in and it feels natural. And Shaun said, Do you want this to be your home, and I said, Absolutely. And I stepped into it.

Sheldon: Congratulations on your latest upcoming album Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum – If You Want Peace, Prepare for War. According to Shaun this is the best album so far. In your opinion what is it that makes it the best album.

Corey: I think as a songwriter you just grow as a person musically, and a person in general. And I think Shaun’s writing over the years keeps evolving; he knows what the audience want, and he is very sincere with the lyrics. And the more you write the better you get. And that’s what you get. He is really excited because he put so much into the album and I watched the band worked really hard for the record, and we couldn’t wait to go and record it…and I think that’s the reason.

Sheldon: And this is the first album in three years. Is three years a good gap in between albums?

Corey: I think so. When I first joined the band, like you said my brother played a little bit in the band. They worked really hard. And we took a little break in-between the studio. And in those period everybody gets absorbed a record and appreciate it. Rather than putting on a record every six months to a year…it is very important for people to absorb the music

Sheldon: And what’s the challenge of making a new record and still remaining fresh after all these years?

Corey: I think it comes down to being sincere, sonically and lyrically. We write and we want to be the best.

Sheldon: Speaking of meaning, what is Dangerous about? It is very opened.

Corey: Yeah, we leave to open interpretation. It is little bit about social media, and that type of world and the outlook and how that can do to society.

Sheldon: I wish you could be a bit more specific as there are chats on the internet speculating the meaning of this song, and someone was saying it is about Donald Trump.

Corey: (Chuckles). They can believe about that, but personally I don’t think it is about Donald Trump (Chuckles).

Sheldon: Is this the benchmark song for the album. Or perhaps why was this song chosen?

Corey: This song is unique, but there’s a lot of heavy parts, there’s some slow parts –  this one stuck out in a unique way and is special. Is just felt unique

Sheldon: Does the video have any connection to the meaning of the song or is it just random.

Corey: Is not random and is something that Shaun thought about…it has a lot of meaning…the words in the song Dangerous has everything that’s going on in this world, and ironically it has a lot of things happening in this world, and things that pass on through generations. Good or bad also, and that whole Red Riding Hood and how the mother turn into the wolf.

Sheldon: But social media has connected the band with people, that’s the irony isn’t it?

Corey: I mean anything can be abused perhaps. Personally, I use a lot to support the band. Like share music and stuff, so I keep it to that side of things.

Sheldon: Guessing the title of the album, “If You Want Peace, Prepare For War” has an overarching theme?

Corey: Yeah absolutely, you got death Bruised and Bloodied, and Dangerous. It has that prepare for war feel.

Sheldon: That’s why a lot of people are thinking it has something to do with the November 3rd elections.

Corey: (Chuckles) There’s a lot of stuff and our job is just to play music.  

Sheldon: One of my friends Melanie from Ashes of Autumn sang along your brother’s band Stardust when they were here touring. What advise would you give Mel for her to reach the heights of the industry.

Corey: Keep building you following, try to land a great management and a record company with a wide distribution, and hop on as many tours as you can, and just keep playing.

Sheldon: And stay humble too.

Corey: You got to be humble man, we travel the world and is a humbling experience. How can you not stay humble.

Sheldon: Corey, it was nice talking to you man. When you do come here, let’s have a beer.

Corey: Well let’s have two or three.  It was nice talking to you, take care. 

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