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Senses Fail
Senses Fail


Photos by Damien Crocker

I was at a packed house on Tuesday, July 23rd at The Civic Hotel as American Rock Band Senses Fail took the stage on their final show of their Australian tour. They’ve been cranking since 2002 and I remember seeing them many moons ago in the mid 2000’s during my Taste Of Chaos days.

The show started off with Carrington, who warmed us up appropriately and the proceedings were off to a good start! I previously saw Carrington open for TRAPT and there’s a reason why they keep gaining these support slots. Because they’re just plain great at what they do.

Nautical Mile hit the stage next in a valiant effort that really upped the ante. They maxmised their minutes on stage in front of a big crowd, they didn’t take it for granted and made sure that this opportunity was not left to the wayside – they went for it. Very impressed with these boys.

I feel so disconnected from this style of music but again I am a reviewer that judges things on their merit. Senses Fail packed out The Civic Hotel because they’ve always been a great act and clearly they still are. Their fans came out in droves, and hung on every song, every lyric and every word that took place.

They performed to the level you would expect. Loud, lively and with a pure energy about them. Vocalist Buddy Neilson is the only constant member of the band since 02′, but its quite clear to me this man still has that spike in his gut to perform. He’s 17 years deep into this band, he speaks to the crowd well, and his charisma proceeds him. He was on a mission tonight to ensure that this tour ended on the right note.

My favourite part of the first half of the show was when they took the absolute piss out of Smashmouth. I hate Smashmouth. 

Some early highlights crowd interaction wise consisted of ‘Bonecrusher’ and ‘Calling All Cars’.

Drummer Steve Carey is one performer to look out for. He’s got some ability, its very noticeable to me that he is a part of this band for a reason. 

Senses Fail is just a happy atmosphere to be apart of. The vibe is tremendous. These fans LOVE this. The singalongs are out of this world.  As is the jumping and bopping. People keep hugging at the end of each song!  Wow.

As the set wore on vocalist Buddy Neilson really let it unleash. What a tremendous performer, a pro at his art. No wonder he is the only remaining original member of this band, he is the glue that keeps this ship sailing. Many props to you mate.

The huge highlight for me for the set was their epic medley for Chop Suey by SOAD, Bodies by Drowning Pool Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit and Bulls on Parade by Rage Against the Machine during their final song Bite to Break Skin. That was some wild stuff.

They proved they can absolutely rock as hard as anyone. They ended the set and their die hard fans seemed so satisfied with the show that it was enough for me to say they absolutely nailed it.

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