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Sisters Doll
Sisters Doll

Photos by Caris Morcombe

Shivering on the way down to Amplifier I wondered who else was prepared to brave the cold on a Thursday night to see Sisters Doll. I had seen them play the week before and was left wanting more before they left Perth on their Black Mirror tour. The band had played extensively through WA and even touched base in their home town of Collie, I was impressed to see an all ages gig included.

David Taylor

David Taylor

Sydney solo artist David Taylor opened the night with his melodic pop sound.  Alone on stage with his acoustic guitar he had a commanding presence as he performed some well-crafted original music. A song called ‘Battered’, which has just been released this month struck a chord with me and noticeably with the crowd too. A cover of ‘Lonely Boy’ by The Black Keys was a standout performance getting everyone singing along to a familiar tune. David’s set concluded with his song ‘Nervous’, a catchy pop song with intricate guitar work, I could definitely feel inspiration drawn from Ed Sheeran. His performance had warmed the room.

Foxton Kings took to the stage with their unique brand of hard hitting rock n’ roll. They opened with the bluesy ‘Gold’ from their new EP With Love. It felt dark and moody but also impossible not to move to. Front man Joel Stevens worked the stage, tambourine in hand with an infectious energy.  Their first time performing ‘Gettin’ Old’ was something I hope to witness again as well as a cover of ‘Great Balls of Fire’ felt very rockabilly.  They concluded with a favourite of mine ‘.22 Minutes’ a fast paced riff injected rock song that leaves you singing “I’ve got 22 minutes ’til they come for my blood again” long after the songs over.

Hard rockers Hailmary introduced a heavy element to the night with their chunky riffs and singer Kevin Currans roaring vocals. “Equilibrium” from an earlier EP Evolve Dissolve had a grungy feel to it, reminiscent of Alice in Chains. ‘Liar In My Chair’ from the more recent EP Navigate the Sunrise was impressive and delivered with intent that drew you to attention. They carried their strength well from start to finish. ‘Yellow Light of Death’ from the album Choice Path Consequence Solution featured stellar drumming that mesmerised as they finished their set with one of their heaviest songs yet. Check them out at Perth Rocks Festival on the 27/07/19 at the Civic Hotel.

The diversity of the opening bands was vast but I could see how each of the artists was a good fit with what was to follow. Each act bringing a different element to tie in with what Sisters Doll has to offer.


Glam rock is something of a rarity amongst Australian artists. As the top hat, bandana and eyeliner clad trio leapt on stage I felt a hit of nostalgia from an era that most of the crowd, including myself, would be too young to remember. That’s the beauty of what Sisters Doll do, introducing the prime of what was Motley Crue, Kiss and Queen to a new generation ready for something other than what’s currently plugged on mainstream radio.

“That’s the beauty of what Sisters Doll do, introducing the prime of what was Motley Crue, Kiss and Queen to a new generation ready for something other than what’s currently plugged on mainstream radio.”

It’s quite obvious watching the brothers perform that they’ve been at this for a while now. Each member of the band slinging their instruments and making efforts to engage the audience with the odd wink and a point. Making the listeners feel a part of the well-oiled glam rock machine has obviously won them fans as I overheard punters discussing how far they’d travelled for the show.

The band had gone to great lengths to make their gig a visual spectacle. Flames leapt from the stage, surrounding the drum kit and Brennan Mileto setting a knife ablaze at one point. The Drum solo was hypnotic to watch as the room fell dark with only LED lights attached to drummer Bryce Mileto projected across the hazed room. It was a treat to watch and something I’d not witnessed before at the venue.

‘All Dolled Up’ from the album of the same title introduced lead singer Brennan Miletos impressive guitar playing with catchy riffs and a ripping solo. Even if you hadn’t heard the song before, it was easy to catch on and join in. ‘Johnny’ from the same album felt very Motley Crue (with a cleaner image) with rockin’ hooks that imprint themselves firmly in the ears of the listener.

Three quarters through the set they played a Queen medley which was well executed, the song transitions were smooth and it was a well-rounded performance.

The song of the night was without a doubt ‘Black Mirror’. Again, another song that’s easy to get involved with after only a few listens. It’s punchy, unapologetic and delivered with force with the bands vocal harmonies.

As the band ended with fan favourite ‘Dollhouse’ what was a cold Perth Thursday now felt like a warm 80s LA Saturday with the lyrics “I’m not leaving, you’re not leaving” being shouted back and forth between band and audience. Sisters Doll are continuing to tour with dates stretching to October if you want to be part of the glam rock machine.

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