Butter is a six-piece group from Perth, a concoction of genres churned with the love of soul, jazz and 90s hip-hop.  This year’s appearances at Fairbridge will be their first at a proper multi-day festival.  Around The Sound spoke to Butter’s Vocalist and guitarist, G-Loch and keyboard player, dr. nick, and the sense of occasion certainly wasn’t lost on them.

dr. nick: “I think Fairbridge qualifies as our first proper festival.”
G-Loch:  “We’re absolutely stoked, I’ve heard a lot of good things about Fairbridge."
dr. nick: “And I think we’re playing two shows, so we’re doubly stoked.”

Asked about what the Fairbridge audience can expect from their music, they two band mates noted that Butter may not be standard folk-festival fare, but they were hopeful that people would still enjoy what they do.

dr. nick: “It’s pretty broad. We’re not exactly going for something really distinct.  We have a lot of ideas and where we draw our uniqueness from is each of us as separate players.  We each bring something different to the table, but it’s not necessary one genre that influences.  We’ve got a lot of hip hop and soul influences, but it’s not limited to that.  There’s all sorts of stuff going on.”
G-Loch:  “A comment that I hear a lot when people come to our gigs is that it’s quite obvious that we’re all friends and we all enjoy being with each other and playing on stage and it’s very laid back and fun.  And I think the crowd get that.”
dr. nick: “It’s also not a musical barrage. Sometimes it’s nice to hear more space in the music and that’s something that we try to do.”

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