Progressive instrumental trio Bury the Heard today announce their reunion for one final curtain call in support of raising funds for Kirstie Spano who at the age of 25 suffered a stroke alone at home on Boxing Day 2018. In a sign of solidarity to former bandmate Phil Lever they will be donating all proceeds from the show to assist with their medical and living Expenses

March 1st will be the most important show of the Bury the Heard’s entire career.

Being held on Friday March 1st at Badlands Bar ‘An Evening with Bury the Heard’ will be a full-on affair, with the band taking to their favourite Perth stage with a 60 minute headline slot with full production including special musical guests, lighting and visual show.

Supported by an array of Perth’s progressive, heavy and alternative bands Bury the Heard are joined by Skygazer, Dying Degree and Prognosis Negative. All of these fine bands have stepped into the support slots for the show dedicating their time to showing their support to two people in need. With a team of volunteers assisting with the show, ‘An Evening with Bury the Heard’ isn’t just about music; it is about humanity, compassion, love and friendship.

Michael Daines, Guitarist and founding member of Bury the Heard speaks about ‘An Evening with Bury the Heard’.

“When the news about Kirstie Spano was broken to us by Phil Lever, it really rocked all of us to the core. After year of all of us combating personal losses and challenges that ultimately became part of the strengthening of the friendships we all share but also the demise of the band at the very moment when that hit us all the grief we felt for Phil was uncontrollable. Best described as one of the nicest women that we have all become friends, hearing of the stroke she succumbed to on Boxing Day at the age of 25 years brought on huge questions. What could we do to help? How can we help? And how would we live with ourselves if we didn’t do something to help our friends?

“This birthed the idea of ‘An Evening with Bury the Heard’ and after weeks of hard work and assembling the key components the assembled chiefly lead by Michael Daines was ready. The turning point was when the team at Badlands Bar and Luke Rinaldi showing their absolute strength and support behind the event and providing us with a place to call home. We love Badlands and to return their one last time for this is defining moment of this event for us."

Event information
Friday March 1st Badlands Bar
With special guests Skygazer, Dying Degree and Prognosis Negative
Ticket link:
Doors 7:30 pm entry $18


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