Highwire performer Vincent Buchanan-Simpson has in recent times taken his bat and ball (Hideous Sun Demon and Terrible Signal) to Melbourne to embark on a new era of East Coast adventures.

“It’s hard to summarise, but it's been insane,” he tells ATS. “Terrible Signal have started recording our second album at the Flightless Studio which has been amazing, and we've been gigging a lot. Hideous have been in the process of transferring drummers since Blake left, but our new guy Andy Blackman has so far absolutely killed it. We've almost the first of four EPs we're gonna release across the next year or so.

“Apart from that, I'm living in Preston with some cool muso people and working at Old Bar, which is pretty much the Melbourne equivalent of Mojos. Made some great friends and definitely feel at home here.”

What kind of following does Hideous Sun Demon have over there?

"It's hard to say objectively, 'cause I'm in the band," Buchanan-Simpson says, subjectively. "I think the fact we toured here a bunch previously has definitely helped. We're playing shows with some great bands and are definitely keeping busy. People show up and seem to know and like us. I think what's more interesting is how we've responded to the Melbourne scene. We're constantly getting inspired and I think that's reflected in the way we're approaching writing. I see an amazing band at least once a week and it's very invigorating."

While HDS's focus mainly is on Melbourne at the moment, the ease of embarking on wider East Coast tour dates is tantalising...

"I love the domestic touring life and the comparative ease of doing it here was definitely a big reason behind the move," Buchanan-Simpson says. "So far we've stuck to Melbourne because of the transition and we're balancing a lot, but that is definitely a big thing we're looking at for 2019."

Accidents will happen, as Elvis Costello once said, and Buchanan-Simpson's head met with a low doorway last month… with mixed results.

“Oh God that was a hectic week,” he laughs. “So the next day after the injury we had to film a live video for Hideous, then I had gigs with both bands that night. It actually went fine, my bandages fell off, so I wore a wig during the Terrible Signal set which has kind of become a staple thing I do now.

“Speaking of staples, I had nine put in and kept them in for way too long. All good getting them out though, they even let me keep the weird scissors they use to take them out.”

The staples singer has been grateful for a busy and interesting 2018, but one must carry on. The forthcoming 12 months will be as busy as the last, with an anticipated absence of head injuries.

"I have trouble keeping up with what's happening tomorrow, but I guess 2019 will see Hideous put out around 16 songs across four EPs. The new Terrible Signal album will come out too, with lots of interstate touring also. We're also tentatively looking at touring Europe so that might happen. It's definitely possible but still in the works, so I'm probably being naughty talking about it."

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