Young Robin


Indie-pop outfit, Young Robin, have released a new single, Stay. It’s a song that quite appropriately had an unsure beginning.

“This song started with a riff Ben (Teune, guitar) had over a year ago,” explains bass player, Hamish Graham. “We liked the riff but sat on it for a while, not sure where it should go, until one day it just started coming together and pretty soon we had the song finished.

“The song itself is about being in a point in life where you're faced with making a tough decision and being unsure which way to go.”

The song was recorded, mixed, and mastered with the prizes they won last year at Swan River Battle Of The Bands and at Gozzy Rock. It’s yet another step forward for the band, who only recently revisited a past glory. As winners of the 2016 Gozzy Rock band competition, they returned to play a headlining set at this year’s Grand Final at the Don Russell Performing Arts Centre.

“It was pretty great,” says Graham. “Gozzy Rock opened up a lot of doors for us and made way for a great 2017, we were more than happy to give something back to them. The competition this year was phenomenal, and it was a great day to be able to sit back, relax, and watch some superb Perth talent.

“We had a busy year this year and looking back we can see how much we've grown as a band. We're so much more comfortable being on stage, and our writing process and sound has matured a lot.”

Young Robin were this week announced as starters in the Uni Sounds National Campus Band Comp final. They’ll be heading to Sydney to compete on October 11 at the Oxford Art Factory.

“Amazing. Unreal. Insane. Pick any adjective, really,” Graham laughs. “We've always dreamed about getting the opportunity to get out of Perth to play some shows, so to finally get the opportunity to go to Sydney? We're over the moon!”

The band have got their sights set on releasing an EP in the not-too-distant future and are keen to flex their creativity over the extended format.  

“We're moving towards some more ambient sounds while still being solidly grounded in the indie pop sounds we started from,” Graham says. “Our songwriting has definitely matured a lot since the start of the band, and our own individual influences are starting to develop and shine through a lot more.”

As for 2018, Graham predicts it will be “busy, busy, busy! With this year drawing to a close, there's more and more happening for us. We want to carry the momentum on to next year for our EP, and hopefully we can build on our trip to Sydney next month with some touring.”

Young Robin launch Stay at Badlands Bar with help from RAKSHAIceage SugarJ.F.KChoking StanleyScarlet Drive and Figurehead on Saturday, September 16. Full details at