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Sticky Fingers
Sticky Fingers

30 November

Walking into the venue I was reluctant, I don’t like all ages gigs, they make me feel my age, especially when majority of the audience looked freshly 15 in their festival wear 🙂 But I’ve learnt not to judge and let the music tell the tale.

The lights went down, the audience went up in a roar and STICKY FINGERS appeared on the screen, we all waited patiently for the rock stars to come on stage.

Jumping straight in with 2014 hit ‘Land of Pleasure’, they hypnotised the audience and took them directly to the land of pleasure.

Paddy Cornall bass player took a moment to thank the audience, “Thanks so much for coming down, I know a lot of you have driven and flown from so many places and we love you for that.”

With the audience swaying they went on to play ‘Sad Songs’ from their 2016 album Westway (The Glitter and The Slums). It wasn’t a sad sight to see as torches lit up the arena.

Most would be familiar with the controversy that follows Sticky Fingers. They have now been black listed from triple j and haven’t been played on air for the last few years.

Cornall, also known for his controversial views took a moment to share his hate for the radio station.  “You know what? You know what? You know what? Fuck triple j. We don’t need them, we just need you.” Which was received with  loud applause from fans who have continued to follow their journey as they sell out arena tours without being played or backed by radio.

The lighting for the show was not like anything I’ve seen before. Most bands like a dark stadium and lights on them, however the lights were constantly on the audience, I looked around and saw faces of joy and excitement and everyone standing, even in the seated area. Must have been a pain for the security.

‘Gold Snafu’ had the whole audience dancing, on their feet, it was as contagious as main man Dylan Frost’s dance moves.

The band members all had very different outfits on stage. Freddy Crabs on the keys was wearing just footy shorts, and nothing else, Frost was wearing a furry brown coat, no shirt and jeans,  Cornall wore his famous red bucket hat and drummer Eric da Silva Gruener wore a construction hat and hi-vis vest.

Closing their set with ‘Dream Land’, the audience grabbed their loved ones and swayed together.

For the encore they enchanted the stage with ‘Cyclone’, ‘How to Fly’ and ‘Australia Street’, where they should have finished, and most the audience began to leave, however they brought the opening acts on stage for one more song.

The audience started to leave as no one seemed to know the song or why they kept singing.

For a band that makes headlines for their controversy they delighted me with their set.

We should be able to enjoy music for what it is, an escape. Not for the controversy that follows the band. They should be making the headlines for their songs, their sound, their ability to hypnotise a crowd, their talent.

I honestly think it’s been one of the most enjoyable gigs I’ve been to this year and I will be sure to go again.

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