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After several years of gigging eclectic Perth outfit, Stone Cold Super Friends have released their debut album, Stone Cold Super Hits Vol. 1.

Having fronted The Lonely Wives and The Big Bamboo as a solo artist for some years, vocalist/guitarist, Simon Kelly felt a new dynamic building with his co-musicians, leading to a re-emergence as Stone Cold Super Friends.

Essentially, I’d been playing with the same band for five years,” Kelly says. “As I got older, I felt a bit uncomfortable promoting my own name and I just wanted to get everyone else involved, so it felt more like a collaborative band. It was like a reset, I guess.”

Originally started as a project in which they would record and release a song a month, Stone Cold Super Hits Vol. 1 is pudding proof of the collaborative nature of the band, such is its diversity and, indeed, its accessibility.

Bassist Gavin Arnold, first played with Kelly in The Lonely Wives era, and recently released an EP with his solo project, Littlehawk. Ben Gray (keys/guitar) has released a solo EP and played with his own eponymous band, as well as a range of Perth outfits over the years. Shannon Puig (trumpet/vocals) hails from Queensland and spent years touring nationally with Tijuana Cartel.

Drummer Michael Boase has since moved East to bang the tubs for the Melbourne Ska Orchestra, but he remains on record and still sits in with the band when in Perth. He could only be replaced by another friend, of course – enter John Brown, a drummer/bass player who has toured with Lucy Peach, Boom! Bap! Pow! and Mathas.

Together they have brought together an album that delivers quirk (Stone Cold Super Friends), musical dexterity (Equality For All Just Like Me), sentimentality and taste (a version of The Beatles’ Two Of Us) and just the right dash of world-weariness (I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now).

As one of those aforementioned Beatles once said, ‘life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans’.

After some two decades playing music, Kelly know this all too well. Stone Cold Super Friends the band, and the tongue-in-cheekily titled Stone Cold Super Hits Vol. 1 the album, come via places the band have been and from who they are now.

“As far as the music industry goes, I saw enough to understand what’s involved,” Kelly says. “I took a conscious step back. I managed to achieve pretty much all the dreams I had when I was a kid and I was at a point where I could still safely pull back and land on my feet.”

Stone Cold Super Hits Vol. 1 is launched at the Indian Ocean Hotel on Wednesday, April 10. Free download available at Bandcamp

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