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Savanah and the Strays
Savanah and the Strays

Listening to Savanah and The Strays ignites strong sense of pride of place with their feel-good, soulful music that explores love, struggle and a deep appreciation of our beautiful countryside here in Western Australia.

Around The Sound spoke to Strays’ front woman, Savanah Solomon in the lead up to the launch of the new single ‘Taxman Blues’ and the accompanying video clip, which is so full of energy that we defy you to successfully fight your inner urge to jump up and dance along while viewing it.  ‘Taxman Blues’ is the lead single for Savanah and the Strays’ upcoming album, due out in June.

Why ‘Taxman Bluues’?  “Just ‘cause it’s such a fun song, we wanted to make people laugh and we had so much fun filming it as well. We wanted to make it a proper party, so everyone there was genuinely having a good time.


“We just want people to come down, have an awesome time and we’re really looking forward to playing with the supports. We wanted artists we hadn’t played with before, so it’ll be great to connect with them, hear their music and for all of us to get on the dance floor and have a boogie.”

Savanah and The Strays launch ‘Taxman Blues’ at The Aardvark on May 18th with support from Holly Garvey, The Struggling Kings and Helen Townsend.


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