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21 December

Photos and Review by Nicola Arnold

Arriving at Summer Salt last Saturday afternoon meant kicking off your shoes, wading through the sand and fighting for any bit of shade you could find, desperately trying to hide from the sweltering Australian heat whilst you waited for the first of five incredible acts to begin. The Cottesloe beach waves rolling by creating the perfect backdrop for such a show.

First to play was Jack Davies, a Perth local who has been making waves all over the country. His folky-rock ballads had captivated the audience, all swaying along to his performance.

This picture was taken by Tashi Hall.

Following Davies performance was Georgia Alice, a young, soulful artist who carried herself on stage as though she’d been performing professionally for sixteen years let alone having only been alive that long. Her voice was carried along the coast and the stories she told were felt by everyone there. Perfect beach vibes.

Canadian singer-songwriter Garret Kato took to the stage, absolutely melting everyone’s hearts with songs about his Mum and his daughter and then making people laugh by mixing it up with songs about space aliens! Performing entirely on his own, he played both the guitar and harmonica simultaneously and sung with such intent. He was there to tell a story, truly a wonderful live act to witness.

Sydney dwelling band, CLEWS was the last of the supports for the evening. Sisters, Lily & Grace head the band and their harmonies were like none other. As the weather began to cool, more and more people moved towards
the stage, giving it a proper festival feel. CLEWS music rang out across the beach and the crowd were loving it, with inspiration taken from 90’s love ballads this band is onto something big and the audience knew it.

As CLEWS set came to an end and the sun set behind them, you could see waves of people moving towards the stage, hoping to get a better view ready for when Tash Sultana began her set. Soon enough, you couldn’t see
the sand anymore. There wasn’t a space between people as they packed in the moonlit beach.

Finally, after the stage had been prepped with Sultana’s custom instrument rig & neon light fixtures the headliner was ready to go.

The crowd screaming out her name…all the lights dropped & there she was, Tash Sultana jumped back and forth from the mainstage and onto the subwoofers in front of the barricade, playing through all of the fan favourites.

She displayed her incredible looping skills by creating songs on the spot, with perfect timing and precision. She jumped across the stage radiating energy into the crowd who were just lapping it up & creating the perfect
festival atmosphere. Tash threw her guitar to the stage floor and played it lying flat on the ground, something the audience responded very well to, it’s not something you see get done very often and definitely not well, but that
was Tash Sultana playing and she killed it! Looking back at the crowd, the ocean of people had grown and now all of the grassed tiers where full too, there was a sense of togetherness and as everyone lit up, Sultana played an acoustic song that sent chills through every single person there. Stunning displays of talent complimented by a fantastic production rig, visual backdrops, perfect lighting and a great atmosphere just made the show next

Tash Sultana blew me away with how insanely talented she is, both instrumentally and vocally. She was so precise with everything she did and executed it perfectly, her voice was the cherry on top of what was an already mind-blowing instrumental performance! If I had to rate this performance, 10/10 would be too low. It was flawless.

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