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Sly Withers
Sly Withers

Hard on the heels of their sell-out national tour behind their debut EP, Gravis, Perth’s Sly Withers can be forgiven for feeling anything but downbeat.  Just about to head off for a Christmas hiatus, their recent announcement on the lineup for the Fremantle leg of the falls Festival will have the foursome celebrating just that little bit more over the festive season.  And, why not?  2019 has been an all conquering year for the pop-punk outfit that say them leave home for their first national dates earlier in the year and return home as genuine rock stars.  Around The Sound spoke to Sly Withers’ vocalist and guitar slinger to take the band’s temperature before they slipped off on holidays.

We feel very lucky when opportunity comes to us.

Sam Blitvich, Sly Withers

The Gravis outing saw Sly Withers touring as support to Amy Shark, which, Blitvich said was a unique experience.  “We’ve been getting some really nice responses from people.  There’s always like a 10 to 20 per cent segment of the audience that really enjoys it, and that’s really cool. Given the amount of people that are there, we consider ourselves pretty lucky, if that’s the case.  It’s been cool.  Darwin especially, they were super receptive.  People have been super lovely.”

Super lovely.  That’s a good way to describe this band that engenders such loveliness from audiences everywhere they go.  They’re the sort of boys you’d definitely take home to meet Mum and their brand of music and demeanour on stage reflects this.  As punks, they’re definitely at the less spiky end of the scale, although this has never stopped their music from having bite and making commentary on some of the more difficult aspects of human experience.  It’s a combination that’s winning Sly Withers friends and fans all over the country and now they’re ready to take it up a notch at Falls Festival.

“It’s pretty huge,” said Blitvich when we asked what playing Falls means for Sly Withers.  “Over here the whole summer festival circuit is pretty special and a romanticised kind of experience both from a punters’ perspective and an artists’ perspective.  We’ve always had festivals on our radar, it’s always been a dream, but you never quite really know whether it’s actually going to happen, because it’s such a big deal.  We feel very lucky when opportunity comes to us.  So, it’s really special for us and it’s the perfect way to cap off this year.”

As a punter heading to Falls Festival Fremantle to see Sly Withers and the rest of the line up will be a perfect way to start of 2020.


Get tickets for Falls Festival 2020 here.

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