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Hed PE
Hed PE

Hed PE (also known as (hed) Planet Earth and stylized as (həd) p.e.) is an American rock band from Huntington Beach, California. Formed in 1994, the band is known for its eclectic genre-crossing style, predominately in the fusion of gangsta rap and punk rock it has termed “G-punk”, but also for its reggae-fused music. They’ve been kickin’ it and partying worldwide for 25 years now, and they are headed back to Australia starting June 26th in Perth.

You know I’m gonna tell you, the last 18 months of my life have been the most fulfilling months of my life

Around The Sound spoke to front man, Jahred Gomes aka MC Underdog, ahead of their Australian tour this month.

Jahred on how excited he is to come back to Australia:

“Yeah dude of course because you know every time I come down under you know, it’s a party, i’m so stoked to come down.  You know our new record, I’ve been working on it for two fucking years – so it’s out and it’s fire; it’s going to be out June 21st and our first show there is June 26th. We have a new set, we’re playing all the hits, so yeah dude it’s going to be friggen great and we’re bringing Nonpoint with us so it’s going to be an extra big party this time”

On his survival with Hed PE in the music industry for over 25 years:


“Well you know what it is bro?  If a drummer wants to quit on a fuckin’ Monday and I’ve got a tour that starts on a Friday, I’m going to find somebody new to plug in; we’re gonna rock it on that Friday, as a matter of fact I’ve had a Guitar player quit on a Friday when I’ve had a tour starting on a Saturday, ok, and I found a new guy for a show on a Saturday, that guy couldn’t cut it. I found a new guy on a Sunday and we just kept the tour going, and that’s the thing, If somebody wants to fucking quit coz they need to go to rehab cos they’re on heroin… I’m going to keep going and replace you, and if you’re mad and you don’t wanna play with me anymore you’re gettin’ replaced too coz I tell you what, I’m going to keep rockin’ regardless, and it’s not like something I’m doing on purpose right, it’s just like, I’ve got that discipline – I’ve got that will to rock and it’s just evolved to where I’m the conductor, I’m the maestro, and i’ve got that need to make sure this train stays on it’s tracks that each record needs to be consistently hardcore and you know 20, 25 years later I’m still here, that’s a blessing right? I’m doing everything I need to do on my end you know what I’m sayin’? I’m creating the music and staying true to my work and what I need to do in my life and evolve as a human being so everything else falls into place. It seems that the universe is there to support you when you do the right thing (laughs)

Karlifornia: (laughs) Yeah man, It seems you still have that spike in your gut to this day, you know what I mean?

“You know I’m gonna tell you, the last 18 months of my life have been the most fulfilling months of my life. And thats because I’ve had an evolution where i’ve mapped out a survival mode, and I tell you what between 2012 and 2017, I was just really caught in survival-hustle-mode trying to make sure I never missed a mortgage and was getting all those bills paid, and the creative side of my spirit was suffering. But about 18 months ago I was snapping out of it so now I’m really feeling energised and fulfilled living more on that creative side of life. I’ve been blessed with a lot of great things and I’m doing the right thing – and it seems in life if you do the right thing, what can go wrong?”

Jahred on his hopes for the near future and their new record ‘Stampede’:

“I hope to get the shows bigger and bigger, making more and more money, I’d be an idiot to not admit I want to achieve that, what I hope to achieve with this record is to introduce people to an idea of self empowerment, thats what this record is all about, I think this gives people much more than their moneys worth because it has a theme of affirmation for somebody to take charge of their life and achieve a more fulfilling life.”

Karlifornia: ‘Bro, just off that; I’m really excited to hear it.’

“Right on brother I appreciate it especially as a fellow musician – dude I’ve worked on it meticulously – you’ll hear it, everytime I low pass something, or high pass something, or manipulate the soundscape thats inorganic, thats me fuckin’ geeking out on the record. All day, (In a deep voice) 12 HOURS A DAYYY!!!” (We both laugh)

What fans in Perth can expect from their show with Nonpoint and Tempest Rising on June 26th at the Rosemount Hotel:

“We’ve got the beats that makes the girls wanna dance and enough hardcore to make the fellas wanna vent in the moshpit, so you know we got some really good beats with some trap beats and some good melodies, good reggae with some punk rock – come ON we’re just gonna hit all the right buttons, we’re players so we know what buttons to hit.”

What an enjoyable chat. Talking to Jahred is infectious, he makes you feel motivated about life as he talks about what makes him passionate. There is no doubt he is the real deal and June 16th at the Rosemount Hotel is going to prove it.

Tickets are available through Oztix:

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