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Tania Martin

Tania Martin is a songwriter and singer who draws on her extensive acting credits and classical voice training to deliver performances that are warm, intimate and moving.

Having developed her artistry as a classically trained vocalist performing in a variety of stage, television and radio roles, Tania is now focusing on bringing her original songs to a new audience.

Tania’s debut single, The Other Woman is about disconnect. The disconnect between her partner and, more importantly, the ‘other’ in herself. The woman in this story is mourning loss of, what she feels, are the better parts of her.

It is an unresolved love song…

The Other Woman follows on from Tania’s 2017 release, the EP Waterline.


Tania’s style breaks the barriers of genres but can best be described as contemporary/indie folk fusion with theatrical, dark undertones. Inspired everyday miracles, Tania’s songs are a tribute to the heroism, struggles and triumphs that many of us experience, making her songs relatable to a wide audience.

The Other Woman is a prime example of Tania’s adult indie style and showcases her voice and song writing, giving her audience a taste of what’s to come from her upcoming album due for release in February next year.

The Other Woman is available from iTunes | Amazon | Bandcamp

Tania will be launching The Other Woman at the following events:

17 August, The Bassendean Hotel, with Belle Harvey, Mama Red and the Dark Blues and Rhys Wood

2 September, Bar 459, with Mama Red and the Dark Blues, The Skelton Collective and Rhys Wood

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