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Tanya Ransom by Ashlen Di Prinzio

Captivating, moving and truly salt of the earth. Tanya Ransom releases the haunting new video for her latest single ‘Armour’.

Working with good friend Harry Jakamarra, they both organically landed on themes of water and the visual representation of emotions and being weighed down by them. Jakamarra speaks about his impressions of ‘Armour’:

“When I heard Armour for the first time I was quickly taken with the idea of drowning. To me the song is a realisation you’re being dragged down by your own defenses. Drawing inspiration from archive footage of Broome’s early pearling days and black and white epics of the 1930’s, we set out to drown Tanya. Which proved more difficult than we first thought.”

Originally all the footage was to be shot in the ocean, from a boat, however the universe had other plans for Ransom and Jakamarra. They were sent the wrong underwater housing, the day of filming turned into a crazy windy day and the car broke down as they were towing the boat out of the driveway.

Stuck on land, they were forced to think out of the box and it worked in their favour, despite almost giving themselves hypothermia. Ransom and Jakamarra filmed most of the footage at night in a swimming pool, weighted down and with DIY lighting. Dry season in Broome is quite cold and the pool was absolutely freezing, however it all came together to create this eerily captivating video, and in Ransom’s words, it was “all worth it for the sake of art”.


The Single ‘Armour’ captures Ransom’s signature and authentic folk blues roots fusion, with her powerful vocals and brooding guitar sound, she has cleverly taken what could be deemed negatives by the spin doctor new-age coaches of the world and transformed the experience into one hell of a positive in this beautifully crafted song.

Performances at multiple festivals and national touring has seen Ransom supporting artists such as John Butler, Missy Higgins, Kate Miller-Heidke and Boy and Bear.

“Tanya Ransom exudes beauty, from her music and her performance. She delivers with strength and passion, radiating her Kimberley glow. Her shows at Nannup Music Festival are always loved, from the audience and fellow musicians who embrace her magic.” – Phaedra Watts, Music Director – Nannup Music Festival.



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