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Review by Jessica Eva

Set in a secret location on the Canning River, audience members are met with a lone figure awaiting their arrival. The backdrop of the event is surrounded by large green trees, while native birds chirp and tweet.

The sun sets to the hum of cicadas as audience members excitedly await the start of the show. A figure walks across the bridge holding a large illuminated staff. As the figure comes closer, it is apparent that she is covered in an intricate array of body paint. This is the signature look of TAROT.

The figure asks the audience to gather around, and follow her. This sets the tone for the event as audience members are a part of the semi-interactive journey that sees them choose a card and as a cohort walk though the beautiful landscape of the Canning riverbanks. Each time arriving at a card that is then played out by one character also elaborately body painted. The monologue by each card is eloquently designed to pull from the ancient archetypes and relate back to the contemporary lives of the audience members. 

The show was light on traditional Tarot symbolism and imagery. Much of the cards and themes weremodernised, as they were slanted around social media, loneliness in a busy and full world and how we can escape this wheel of samsara we find ourselves in.

The show was an insightful experience in many respects and the acting was of a high standard. The scripts were especially poignant and certainly left me questioning how much time I am present and aware in the world, rather than distracted and dreaming.

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