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TERROR with Malevolence, End It All & Engage
26 January

Photos By Chris Symes

There’s nothing better than a good hardcore show except for maybe a hardcore show so good it reminds you exactly why you fell in love with the genre in the first place. Perth has always had a strong local scene, since the days of house shows at Edge House and the iconic Dude Man of HQ. But with the closure of great venues, we haven’t been able to experience it to the same extent recently.

First support act of the night youth-crew legends, Engage, brought local fans back to those days, with their OG sound and fast paced hardcore that makes even the inexperienced listener want to dive in and two step. End It All’s absolutely crushing breakdowns, metal-infused hardcore and ridiculously heavy vocals even coaxed the legendary Scott Vogel of Terror out of the greenroom and up front for a listen. These two bands served as the perfect openers for the mixed bill of Terror and Malevolence and put excitement into the hearts of all hardcore fans.

Then we had UK riff lords Malevolence who absolutely blew me away. I hadn’t listened to these guys before, but I definitely left a fan after this set. Mixing a fuse of Pantera and inklings of Twitching Tongues, this band has not pigeon-holed themselves into any one genre and whilst one might think this is a bold move, Malevolence have absolutely mastered it and nailed the ability to blend many different styles flawlessly. The entire set was intense and raised the energy in the room to an all-time high for the night so far, watching fans pile onto each other, stage dives and those unlucky few clutching their injuries cemented that this was going to be a fun-filled night.

As soon as headliners Terror took to the stage, the main room at Amplifier Bar was overflowing with fans grinning ear to ear. The anticipation and excitement in the room was palpable and everyone was growing eager to find out what the first song of their set would be. Finally, we found out, as soon as the first chord from ‘One with the Underdogs’ began it was on. Vocalist Scott Vogel’s powering presence took charge of the room and the crowd swarmed towards the stage, grabbing the mic from Vogel, diving over one another and yelling along to the lyrics Always against the odds/One with the underdogs/We are the underdogs.

The unity and togetherness you feel at a show like this is unlike anything else. People look after those who fall amongst the chaos, if anyone gets hurt everyone around will stop and rush to your aid. I spoke with fans who said this was their first time at a show like this and how they were baffled by how much everyone cared about total strangers and it made me feel an overwhelming sense of pride to be involved in this scene.

Since the early 2000’s these L.A hardcore legends have reigned supreme in their genre and there is absolutely no slowing down, they power through their set and bring a youthful energy to the stage that you usually see in up and comers or just people truly passionate about their music, which is exactly what every member of Terror are.

When Vogel announced that they had three songs left, he showed us the setlist and revealed the songs were ‘You’re Caught’, ‘Keep Your Mouth Shut’ and ‘Keepers of The Faith’, everyone knew they only had a limited amount of time left to fully immerse themselves in the passion. The energy from the stage and the crowd only climbed more and more, fans began to join the band on stage and Vogel happily handed the mic to anyone and everyone.

As their final song ‘Keepers Of The Faith’ began the amount of stage-dives quadrupled. I was drenched in other people’s sweat and finally plucked up the courage (or maybe it was all down to the liquid courage…) to jump onto the stage, Vogel handed me the mic, turned me towards the crowd and we all yelled along to the lyrics Keepers of the faith/I will defend your name/Only true believers remain. I stage dived and joined the crowd to enjoy the final verse of the song together, I looked behind me and saw a fan singing along with a split and bloodied eyebrow and the night was completely summed up with the final lyrics All the blood the sweat we gave/You can’t deny we’re the keepers of the faith.

Once it had all ended, I looked around and could physically feel how exhausted everyone in the room was but how incredibly happy we all were despite dripping with sweat and being bruised and bloodied. I spoke with the fan who had split their eyebrow open, they still maintained the biggest grin on their face and spoke about how they loved every second of the night. Anytime you see Terror you’re bound to have the best time regardless, I am a very small statured woman and it can sometimes be an intimidating thing to completely involve yourself in a show when you’re surrounded by people twice your size and those much stronger than you, but hardcore and specifically Terror have always created a safe place for me and people like me and hopefully everyone else there that night and anyone that comes down to a local show is met with the same support.

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