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January 24

The Boy From Oz is a classic production that covers the interesting whirlwind of a life that was lived by one Peter Allen. Debuting in 1993 with the legendary Todd McKenney playing Allen, over the years it has been portrayed by other stars such at Hugh Jackman and Rohan Browne, and has always garnered rave reviews for it’s production value and entertainment value. I had the absolute joy and pleasure of finally seeing The Boy From Oz at Crown Theater this past Sunday. This time the lead role was assumed by one Ethan Jones.

The younger version of Peter Allen.

This show was a flawless masterpiece. Ethan was born for this role. It’s almost as if his whole life was meant to get him to this point where he is right now, portraying Peter Allen in this wonderful show and dazzling audiences everywhere. Ethan, you have made Peter, Liza and Judy very proud. I’m sure Judy would love a few Triple Vodka’s with you. Speaking of Judy Garland, she was portrayed by the incomparable Lucy Williamson who was an absolute marvel to see perform. It may as well have been Judy. She had the character sass down pat as well as the pipes to back it up. She was S-P-E-C-TA-C-U-L-A-R. So much so that I had to spell it out.

Lucy Williamson as Judy Garland.

Elethea Sartorelli’s performance as the divine Liza Minelli dazzled, she oozed charisma and was an impressive presence out there. Her dancing was really quite good, jaw dropping in fact.

Elethea Sartorelli as Liza Minelli.

Melissa Erpen, Carrie Pereira and Sophie Foster did a wonderful job as Ethans backing singers, displaying real elegance and grace, they looked fantastic and had some incredible vocals on them!

I have to go back to Ethan again here, Ethan is just great at adlibbing. If somebody in the crowd said something, he was so quick witted and kept in character the whole time which lead to some great unplanned moments of hilarity.

Some of the bigger highlights of the show was the performance with Peter Allen and the Rockettes when they performed at Radio City. Those high kicks! I pulled a groin muscle just watching it. Ethan, great job buddy. I know if I insulted you whilst standing at the top of a ladder, you could still reach me with that high kick.

Now I’m not an overly patriotic person as I more so identify with my English and Italian background but the performance of ‘I Still Call Australia Home’ really hit me in the feels, as my jaw quivvered and I held back tears, I don’t know what it was, it was just a beautiful moment that caught me off guard. Tremendous.

More props to Casey Edwards as Marion Woolnough and Peter Cumins as Peter’s partner Greg, both played their characters so convincingly, and Casey – WOW girl, those vocals of yours just took my breath away, no kidding! Casey had more of a speaking role during the show so when she finally busted out a number, I was gobsmacked at the power and control she has over her vocals.

‘I Go To Rio’ was obviously the most entertaining number of the proceedings, it got me shakin’ in my seat. The show ended with the cast gaining a standing ovation, albeit a little slow as it took all the oldies in the audience a while to realise it was worth the pain of standing up for. The appreciation the audience showed proved that it was an absolutely stellar show and we all could not get enough. My face hurt from smiling so much!

Many props to all the staff, the lighting people, the costume people, the band, everybody played their part in making this the best Boy From Oz there has been to this day.

The show is still running till February 7th so I implore all of you out there – this is a show that cannot be missed.