In 2017, The Donald Trumpets formed as a way to express the dismay and existential dread of the ageing millennial (then putting it all aside for three brass-filled minutes at a time).

With catchy horn hooks, pumping bass lines and high energy flowing from the stage, The Donald Trumpets unapologetic SKA will tell you how bad the world is, but in a way that makes you want to take to the dance floor instead of Twitter.

How does that make sense? It doesn’t have to - because nothing makes sense anymore.

With their first EP about to wrap, they are excited to drop their first single: Coping Mechanisms

Upcoming gigs include:
Single Launch at The Amplifier Bar on the 22nd of December
Butterfingers on the 29th of March at Badlands Bar.

Available to stream from:
Spotify -

Google Play - The Donald Trumpets - Coping Mechanisms

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